Elizabeth Brown is the daughter of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. 

Her mother, Jean Cook, has declined to make any comment on her disappearance or on media reports that she was kidnapped by security officials in Prague.

The details of the disappearance and whereabouts of  elizabeth brown missing ruskin , a British woman and freelance journalist, remain unknown.

In 2004, based on new information, British authorities said they were examining the case and requested assistance from the Czech Republic.

 However, neither country has been able to find any new evidence or suspects.

Here are the points to answer how the investigation went through to find Elizabeth Brown :

1.9 a.m on Dec 16th 2004 : 

She left her work in a bar in Ruskin Place, in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland

2. Around 4 a.m : 

She met with friends at a nightclub called The Trader’s Hotel in Bruntsfield Place, about 300 yards from where she worked

3. She was then seen between 5 and 6 a.m :

Standing by the side of George IV Bridge , close to its junction with Tollcross Road , facing northwards. 

Police believe she was waiting for a taxi to take her home from there because there is no bus stop or taxi rank nearby and it would have been a lengthy walk home from the nightclub she had been visiting.

4.6 a.m —

 She was last seen walking south towards George IV Bridge, but no sightings of her after this time have emerged.

5. The last confirmed sighting of Elizabeth Brown was at 6:30 a.m.:

 When she stepped inside the front door of her home at 24 Queen’s Drive, immediately south west of the city centre, where she lived with her husband David Brown and their four-year-old son Max.

6. Elizabeth had been missing from work at about 10:00 a.m :

When she failed to turn up for an appointment with a photo editor on Sunday December 17th 2004, as planned for 11:00 a.m.

7. A missing persons inquiry was launched in Edinburgh on December 18th 2004 :

When Elizabeth’s family reported her disappearance to police after discovering that she had not turned up for work since Saturday 16th December 2004 .

8. Police were ‘not able to identify’ any taxi drivers:

 Who may have picked Elizabeth Brown up or dropped her off near 4 George IV Bridge on Sunday 16th December 2004 .

9. Found Elizabeth’s personal effects and jewellery :

 Including a pair of gold earrings, a silver chain with a locket, large pearl earrings and a silver watch on a black leather strap, had been left at her house on Queen’s Drive .

10. Elizabeth Brown was not known to have been involved with drugs or alcohol :

 There were no signs she was depressed about anything . She suffered from a mild anxiety condition, but there were no signs she had been taking her prescription medicine.

11. Police carried out a search of the house at 24 Queen’s Drive :

 Found nothing suspicious . Elizabeth’s clothes and coat were still in the wardrobe. A pair of trainers missing from her house have never been found.

12. Police  stated that she was not wearing a hat :

When she was seen at around 5:30 am by the side of George IV Bridge. She was wearing a black coat and was described as being ‘cuddly’ as opposed to ‘glamorous’.

13. Through CCTV police  identified that Elizabeth  walked onto George IV Bridge :

 Then into Tollcross Road where she then disappeared .

14. Police release one image of her:

 Walking south along Tollcross Road towards Market Street (a road aptly named, as it leads to the main shopping centre in Edinburgh). As it is dark, police argue that this is the best image they can release of her appearance at this time/time period..

15. Police say they have found no evidence of her :

Being stopped by police, stopped by police demanding money or hit over the head by a policeman in the vicinity of George IV Bridge. 

There are no further details about where she was stopped or why she might have been in any danger at all.

Czech authorities said they found no evidence that Brown was kidnapped or killed. Efforts to locate her after she disappeared were launched within minutes of her disappearance, according to Czech news reports. 

A team of 60 officers was set up to interview witnesses and review footage from CCTV cameras in the area where she lived. 

The Prague police told The Guardian that no new information has emerged since they closed their investigation into Brown’s disappearance in December 2010, according to European news reports.


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