Some folks call it a “grits shake” or just “a milkshake” but, most commonly, is referred to as a Mississippi Milkshake. 

It’s essentially a Southern version of the ever-popular milkshake that is popular all over America.

what’s a mississippi milkshake :

1. A milkshake that has been sweetened with milk and sugar (instead of a chocolate syrup or flavored milk) and is served in a tall, chilled glass. 

It’s made with one regular milk, whipped; soured cream; powdered sugar (not confectioners sugar); and vanilla ice cream.

2. A culinary term for a small amount of chocolate, often to garnish a dessert or food item. 

It could also mean chocolate that is melted and drizzled on top of a food item instead of the traditional garnishes like strawberries and cherries that are put on top of a cake or pie or ice cream toppings. 

It was first used as an example by Dr Pepper in their ad “Milkshakes are great…but not as great as a Mississippi.”

3. A great place. The definition of this is up to you but it’s a term people use on a daily basis to describe where they are from. 

Whether it’s the south, the USA or the world, using “the South” or “the USA” alone will only get you so far. 

A better way to say it is: “I’m from the South and I’m glad I live here.” 

“Would you like a couple of Mississippi Milkshakes?” – It’s a great question people ask passers by when they want to show that they are friendly and will make them feel welcome in their town/city/state/country.

Why do people call it a Mississippi Milkshake:

“The Mississippi milkshake, with its tangy ice cream, bittersweet chocolate sauce, and chunky soured cream topping, is in some ways as much an icon of Southern decadence as the mint julep. 

But it was invented not in the South but in New Orleans.” -Southern Living Magazine-

Where can I get a Mississippi Milkshake:

If you are ever travelling down south (USA) and you want to experience a truly delicious Southern beverage then please try the Mississippi Milkshake. 

You’ll not only enjoy it but you’ll love it. You can probably find one in New Orleans and Alabama, but not so easy or widespread in other states. 

Some New Orleans restaurants do serve them, but they are not in every restaurant. You can ask your server if they have it on their menu or you can ask for it when you order. 

For those who grew up in the South, milkshake is definitely a mouthful of words to say or write down. The word milkshake also means small or little kind of like small talk with friends. 

Another thing about southern milkshakes is that many people just don’t like the taste of regular milk and sugar so instead order one that has vanilla syrup or chocolate syrup (instead of chocolate ice cream).

 Or you can make your own with ice cream, soured cream and whipped cream…and then top it off with a cherry!

What does Mississippi Milkshake Mean?

The meaning is up to you. This term is used by people every day and all over the world…people use it for their last name, region, state or country. 

Someone asked what I thought a Mississippi milkshake meant and I replied “I’m from the south and I’m glad I live here.” That’s how much I love it here and that’s why our family calls it home.

Other Definitions:

1. Mississippi Milkshake as a drink: According to Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc., a milkshake is a drink, but not just any old drink. 

A milkshake is a shake that is more than thick, more than creamy, more than sweet. In fact, it’s served in a tall glass with a thin layer of chocolate syrup on top.

 If you are uncertain about your definition of a milkshake, just ask for one at the soda fountain!

2. Mississippi Milkshake as an instrument: The Mississippi Milkshake as an instrument refers to the addition of chocolate syrup to the classic vanilla-flavored milkshake.

 Originated in New Orleans and popularized by Dr Pepper.

3. Mississippi Milkshake as an adjective: has been used in print since January 1966 by General Foods Corp. to mean “extra large, superior.”

 For example, in reference to Dr Pepper soda: “…a famous Southern thirst-quencher, served in an extra-large cup known as a ‘Mississippi Milkshake.'”

4. Mississippi Milkshakes can also be used as a noun:At the soda fountain the Mississippi Milkshake (as an instrument) is the addition of chocolate syrup to the classic vanilla flavored milkshake.

 Originated in New Orleans and popularized by Dr Pepper.

5. Mississippi Milkshakes can be used as a verb:Should you use this word as a verb? In my opinion, no; however, some might say “Yes.


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