Also known as incoming links or inbound links, they lead from a given website to another. As per Google, together with other big search engines, they act as “votes” for a specific page. The more the backlinks in a website, the more the chances of an organic search regarding engine rankings.

Backlinks, Their Importance, and How To Get Them

Backlinks are used to vouch for other websites. They are like votes meant to back up the credibility and value of the content in a website. More voices, therefore, tell that there are higher chances of your site ranking in significant search engines like google. For more information visit

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks?

Some strategies can help you grow backlinks for your site. They include:

1. Become Resourceful to the Media Personnel

Apart from reporters, bloggers are also part of the media personnel. You see, backlinks that originate from authority blogs and news sites aid in ranking high on google. It’s an easy task to use a free zone known as Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

What HARO does is that it connects you, the person looking for links to journalists and bloggers. As much as it requires lots of work, it’s worth it in the long run.

2. Work with Link Friendly Content Creation Formats

There is content that has more backlinks than others. Others don’t even get any kind of views at all. Below is a list of blogs and articles that tend to generate lots of backlinks:

• “What” posts

• “Why” posts

• Videos

• Infographics

However, it’s not just about placing a “why’ or “what” on your content. You have to make sure that it’s pure gold for viewers to keep coming.

3. Ultimate Guides

If you want your website to soar high on google, building lots of high-quality goes a long way. However, having ultimate guides can make you grow even faster. Reason? Ultimate guides usually come with lots of information. They can be as long as even 5 000 words. Going by studies done to find SEO ranking factors, long articles or blogs do way better on google rankings compared to shorter content.

4. Build Relationships

You are leveraging the relationships you’ve built aids in building backlinks. It’s easier for people to link to your site when they know who you are. To make sure that your name is out there, start being active on social media platforms and show that you are an expert in your field.

This could help create connections that could lead to guest posting and eventually create amazing backlinks from that. It’s good, especially when starting out.

5. Create Masterpiece Content

Content sells all the time. To come out with the best, you may consider researching the topic given and see what ranks well on google. Then create something that’s better than that to ensure that people will link to it. You can do that by making the content longer and adding more infographics. Apart from that, be sure to promote the content.


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