While playing “Bayonetta” on the Nintendo Switch last weekend, I came across a scene where bayonetta joker mom uses her powers to affect someone who is not bound by time. 

What’s the odd thing about this character? Yes, he is a Joker.

At first glance, it appears that Bayonetta has little control over Joker, but this theory seems highly implausible after further consideration. 

To put it simply: why did she pick out an infamous character in Nintendo’s games and use him to help her? It doesn’t make sense for her to include such a risky scenario for no reason other than fun.

1. The theory contains a contradiction

Link’s past self, who was fighting with Bayonetta in the present, was already dead. She was the one who summoned him after all. 

It wouldn’t be possible to overturn his death with his past self’s body, even though she did it.

2. The theory is based on Link being a Joker because he is Link from the future. That doesn’t make sense

In fact, Link from the future is called “Link from the Past”. Another thing to note is that this link triggered the event that led to his death. It’s hard to figure out why he would be a Joker.

3. The theory has a contradiction within itself

In the first game, Bayonetta was able to affect people who aren’t bound by time such as Angels and demons, even if they were in different dimensions or different time periods like Inferno and Purgatorio. 

This ability of hers isn’t limited to affecting just beings of higher dimensions but can also affect humans. 

This is why I believe she had no problem controlling Link’s past self, who was still alive at the time and did not have any special characteristics other than being a human.

4. The plot of the game is highly implausible

Bayonetta’s ability to affect people whose bodies or souls were already dead was part of the original plot, “but it doesn’t make sense that such an ability exists,” I believe.

 At the time, her power to affect those who are dead wasn’t explained in any way. Perhaps this ability was a plot device for players to use during their games, but it doesn’t make sense that she would have such an ability and that she would use it only to turn someone into a Joker.

 It’s just too much of a stretch and out of character.

But even with that being said, I can’t ignore the existence of this ability, and I want to understand why she chose this particular character and how she used him. 

Aside from the Joker’s past (which was probably the first thing that sprung to mind), it’s hard to see where this theory goes wrong.

For example, suppose a villain had a Joker but no actual personality or appearance.

 If a super villain were able to choose another character and turn them into their own Joker, why wouldn’t they just make a regular human instead? 

There would be no point in using a Joker and then making him wear different clothes and give off different personalities depending on who is controlling him.

5. A Joker wouldn’t be too strong

The Joker’s appearance indicates that he is an outsider and a stranger. A normal human would not be able to consider him of any use.

 It seems highly unlikely for them to recruit someone who is such an outsider and “not very strong”.

 If the Joker was powerful enough for Bayonetta, then she could have made anyone into her own Joker. 

This portion of the theory lacks consistency regarding time travel.

6. Why didn’t she just use the original idea?

It’s not reasonable that this theory would suddenly come up after “Bayonetta 2” was released, especially as it has nothing to do with the plot of that game.

 Infact, it’s hard to imagine that she would have tried using a Joker at all, as her plan was to bring back Loptr (the events of B2). 

This means that this theory is nothing more than an excuse for the existence of a Joker in B2.

7. Why wasn’t the Joker used before?

The concept of taking control over someone with special powers is not new to the Bayonetta series.

 There are many instances where Bayonetta can take control over an enemy or ally who has special abilities. The idea isn’t exactly new, and there was no difference in how it was used in B1 as opposed to how it is used in B2. 

This shows that it wasn’t a method that was thought up after B2’s release.


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