As the Korean wave had taken over the entertainment industry, many people enjoyed watching Kdrama because of its unique and extraordinary storyline and high-caliber actors performing excellent jobs. This also opened opportunities to many countries. Drama from Asian countries other than Korea like China, Thailand, Japan, and many more had started to go into the mainstream. It is a fact to say that people all over the world have started shifting their preference from watching Hollywood dramas to now enjoying Asian dramas. This is a big shake to Hollywood’s industry as they have always been number 1 not until Asian dramas started to dominate

If you are one of these people who started to shift from western dramas to eastern ones, I believe there’s a time when it is difficult to find an appropriate medium where you can watch such dramas. But you don’t have to worry. This is why Viki Tv is here to help you with your problem.

What is Viki TV?

Viki Tv, also known as Rakuten Viki, is an online platform offering numerous Asian dramas and movies for free. They offer an online streaming service for films and series from Asian countries like Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and many more. The name Viki is a combination of the words video and Wiki. They also have a partnership with Soompi. It is An online website that offers the latest news and trends about Korean culture. Furthermore, as the site offers for people all over the world, it was created with an option of using a different language: Ten languages, to be exact, to have broader coverage for its audience at least.

Viki Tv is an American app that was created to help foster cultural exchange between Asian and western countries. Its main office is located in California, but it also has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore. Although Viki Tv was founded in California, United States, it is under the company of Rakuten, which is a Japan-based company.

What can you watch on Viki Tv?

There are a lot of shows you can watch on Viki Tv. All is in there, from drama, historical action, and even comedy. Here are some of the famous series you can find on the website that earned high ratings from its viewer:

1. True Beauty

This drama is all about finding the true beauty in ourselves. We have constantly been pressured about how society and social media portray the word beauty. From having a white, smooth glow skin, pink lips, and slim body, we have constantly been battling that idea of beauty. Some of us are living an ordinary double life. Showing the world that we pass the social media’s standard of beauty but, in reality, are physically different, just like how In Joo Kyung, the protagonist of this story, is living her life. Despite being kind, she has always been insecure about her looks but covered it by mastering the art of make-up. What happens when her secret is revealed, and people learn who she truly is? Will the person she loves accept her, or will more secrets start to unravel? The drama earned a rating of 9.6 stars.

2. Woori the Virgin

Oh Woori, a writer dating the handsome and talented police Lee Kang Jae, promised to remain a virgin until she marries. What happens when a simple medical exam becomes a disaster as she was accidentally injected with artificial insemination whose owner is a CEO of a famous company? What will happen to the life of the virgin pregnant? Will she choose the love of her life or the father of her baby? The drama earns a rating of 7.5 stars.

3. Shooting Stars

A variety show offers celebrities, singers, or artists an opportunity to play soccer against four previous National Soccer Team soccer members. This will test the skills of the celebrities and let them enjoy playing once in a while. It has a rating score of 9.4 stars.

Viki Tv has played a significant role in Asian entertainment. For countries worldwide, including Singapore, it has allowed its viewers to experience and enjoy Asian Culture, particularly the Korean Wave. Without it, many viewers will have difficulty finding sites that offer them free streams. They can enjoy watching various dramas on their own time.


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