Victoria’s Secret is well known for its wide variety of lingerie, but their tank nighties are the best. They come in a range of colors and styles from high neck to low cut – from light cottons to silky satin. 

The best part about these victoria secret nighties is that they are incredibly comfortable, even more so than pajamas! Victoria’s Secret has done what no other company could do: create the perfect sleepwear for both day and night use.

Each tank nightie is priced at $46.00, but at the time of this article, they are on sale for $41.00 on their website. 

Victoria’s Secret is also known to have frequent sales and coupons for their products, so check with your local store or wait for a sale in order to get further discounts.

Victoria secret nightgowns :

1. Satin tank top – 

This tank top is especially useful for nighttime use. It is made of a soft, satiny material that you’ll want to sleep in every night. 

The tank top has a deep V-neck, so it’s perfect for those who want to show off or have a lot of cleavage.

2. Cotton nightie –

 This cotton gown has long sleeves and falls just past the knee, making this tank nightie appropriate for both day and nighttime use. 

The cotton is extremely soft and breathable, which makes it comfortable for warmer weather as well as cooler climate days.

3. Silky tank nightie –

 This is not a tank top, but it is definitely something that you’ll want to wear for sleeping every night. The silky material covers your body, so no one will see any skin beneath the material.

4. Theresia tank top –

 This round necked tank top has thin straps that drape just below the collarbone. It is a very simple design and it shows off your shoulders and upper chest in a subtle way, making it appropriate for both day and night use.

5. Satin tank nightie – 

This satin tank top is almost identical to the satin satin tank top in shape, but it is made of a thicker material. It is great for both day and night use.

6. Theresia floral lace – 

This beautiful gown has delicate floral lace that covers the upper chest, back and shoulders. The long sleeves are made of thin, sheer fabric so you can wear it during both daytime and nighttime use.

7. Embroidered tank top –

 This white tank top has dark embroidery that falls across the back and front. The embroidery is particularly noteworthy and especially beautiful in person, making this piece a wonderful day or night piece!

8. Twin set – 

The Victoria’s Secret twin set has a tank top and long sleeve nightgown. The tank top is made of satin and is a simple, straight cut with no sleeves.

 The length of the garment varies – some are very short, but others have long cap sleeves. The nightgown is made of soft lace and flows down to just below the ankle.

 This beautiful twin set comes in one size, so they’re designed to fit most women regardless of their height or weight.

9. Black tank nightie –

This black tank nightie is made of satin and has a V-neck and thin straps. The neckline on this piece is deep, so it reveals a lot of cleavage. This is a great day or night piece.

10. Cami set – 

This set is perfect for days when you’re planning to spend most of your time in bed! 

The top is made of simple black satin with thin straps and a deep V-neck that shows off plenty of cleavage.

 The bottom half of the cami set includes a long sleeve gown that drapes over the shoulders and falls to just below the knee.

11. Satin tank top and long sleeve gown –

This lovely ensemble has a satin tank top with thin straps and deep V-neck, which is great for showing off lots of skin. 

The long sleeve gown is made of satin that falls to just above the knee. It zips up the back for easy dressing. This set is available in a variety of colors, including red, black and blue.

12. Satin tank nightie with sleeves – 

This tank top is made of soft cotton and comes in multiple different colors. The v-neck on this piece is deep, which shows off lots of cleavage. 

This sleeveless nightgown goes down to just above the ankle, so it’s perfect for warm days or cool nights.

13. Embroidered tank top – 

 This long sleeve top is made of a satin material that you’ll want to sleep in every night! The embroidery across the chest is beautiful and very flattering to the wearer. 

It doesn’t have a zipper; instead it has six buttons down the front which make dressing simple.


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