You’ve been putting it off for months, but now it’s time. You have to start making money from your website — and fast. The problem is you have no idea how. But not to worry! This post will break down the process into 7 simple steps guaranteed to make you a professional money-maker in no time flat of paybis com login. Follow these seven easy steps, and soon your website will be on its way to profitability!

1. Start With A Professional Design

Keep in mind that the first thing people will notice when they come to your site is how nice it looks. Think of a newspaper: You don’t judge the quality of news based on its appearance, but that of course doesn’t stop you from judging its overall appearance. You may be thinking: “Wait a minute, this website is just for me. I don’t care about anything fancy. And I certainly don’t want to pay someone to design it!” But believe me, you will regret this later on. Plus, you probably have no idea how to design a website anyway. So put your money where your mouth is and pick up the phone. Hire a professional graphic designer and make sure they do amazing work.

2. Choose Your Domain Name

Second-guess yourself here and you will be missing out on major traffic in the future. You have to get the domain name right. It should be easy to remember and contain the keywords that people are searching for, so they can find your website when they search for it. Stay away from anything too weird, such as something with numbers in it. And make sure nobody has already registered your desired domain name, or else you may have trouble in the future when you want to sell your website. (Cue panic.)

3. Work On Traffic

Traffic is what makes the money on the Internet, so if you want cash flow, then stop messing around and start getting traffic coming in on a daily basis. There are many ways to go about this, but if you have the money to spend on advertising, then by all means do it. But if not, then you will have to rely on word of mouth and organic traffic. This will be a slow process, so be patient and make sure you don’t give up on your site.

4. Build A Web Presence 

You need a website, and you need social media accounts, but you don’t have time to build them yourself. You don’t have time to hire someone to do them for you either. Now that you have a site up and going, people are going to want to know more about it. Make sure that your website is easy-to-navigate and informative enough for them to stick around. Start a blog and make it entertaining. Do whatever you can to keep people coming back.

5. Use Social Media

People don’t visit your website just out of curiosity — they go there for answers. So make sure you have your social media profiles set up and updated on a regular basis. This is huge! You cannot overlook social media anymore — especially Facebook, which is the biggest of them all. If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your website, then start one immediately and update it often with new content so people will keep coming back to see what you are up to next.

6. Work On Google+

In this case, you should use the site as a social media platform. Make sure you have good content on there, and don’t forget to give other people credit for content they have posted. This will build up your credibility. And don’t neglect the other major search engines, Yahoo and Bing. These are still extremely important for ranking on the first page of search results when someone types in a query related to your topic.

7. Start Building Backlinks

Why are you going so slowly? You need to build a backlink profile for your site as soon as possible to rank high in the search engines. Backlinks are important because they show that other people think highly of your website. Your content may be great, but if people don’t know it’s there, then you are missing out on traffic. Start building backlinks – links from other websites that direct people to yours – to your website by posting comments on other blogs and forums and being active in communities related to your topic.


These are the 7 most important steps to follow if you want to be a successful website owner. Although it may sound complicated, these tips really are all you need to start making money right away. Remember to stay dedicated, keep your content interesting and relevant and don’t put off any of these steps. Good luck!

Follow these seven steps, and soon you will be in profit! You will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors with a thriving business that has grown right before their eyes. So go do it! Go get the money!


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