If you have kids, you know the frustrations of having a difficult time teaching them a new word. Not only does it seem impossible to teach vocabulary to infants, but you feel guilty for giving in and just telling them about the word instead of explaining what it actually means—after all, they’ll come around eventually. But now there may be a solution that will make your job easier than ever; an Urban Dictionary-style dictionary like neet urban dictionary made just for children!

This dictionary was created by two authors and an illustrator who came up with 37 words that are commonly used in urban settings like sports, fashion, music and more.

Guide to urban dictionary is:

1. Easy and interactive. 

If you want to make it fun for kids then definitely you need interactive ways which are easy to use. For example you can check out the Urban Dictionary which is full of fun and interactive activities. If you don’t have time to browse every single content, then definitely download and install the app on your device.

2. Easy to find the right definition 

Not all kids have smartphones or ipads to their hand, so they will not be able to use advanced dictionary apps. A dictionary which is easy to look up a word must have a clear and simple layout but at the same time provide a clear and simple explanation for every word.

3. Definitions are brief but explanatory 

No matter how brief the definition is, it should bring clarity about the meaning of that term. You don’t want to make them feel like they are looking up something adult. The definitions should be such that kids can easily understand and relate their own life with it.

4. The right amount of words 

There is a limit to the number of words that should not be put into the dictionary. It depends on your child’s age and current knowledge about certain topics. Too many words create confusion and kids will not be able to learn anything new. Keep the list short but packed with meaningful words to learn more about new things and experiences.

5. There should be a fun way for kids to browse the dictionary 

If you make them feel bored then definitely they won’t take interest in learning from that dictionary. If you have limited time then you can download the app from Play Store or Apple Store where there are plenty of dictionaries available for free!

6. It should be made for kids! 

I personally hate it when I see definitions for words written by a person who doesn’t have any idea about the meaning or the origin of a word. Make sure the words in the dictionary are kid-friendly. You don’t want them to feel scared or awkward about the terms. Choose words from their daily life and make sure it is fun for them to learn new things.

7. Make sure it is an educational dictionary 

This is kind of common sense, because if you have kids then you know that they always love learning new things and experiencing different stuff as much as possible! So, make sure the dictionary you are choosing for your kids is full of great content which will help them learn a lot about new stuff in their life.

8. It should be easy to use 

This is crucial. You don’t want to spend your time thinking of the right words to explain or correct them. That is why you need a dictionary that is easy to use and understand. It should be easy to look up a word in the dictionary. You don’t want them to get bored while doing this. The interface should be nice and colorful and the content should be absolutely amazing!

9. It shouldn’t have adult content 

As kids, they don’t need to know about adult stuff or vulgar words, so make sure the dictionary you choose doesn’t have anything related to these things. Also, it should be available for free and it should be easy to download. The dictionary you choose for your kids should not have any inappropriate content in it. If a specific word is considered inappropriate, then it is better if you just skip that word instead of trying to explain its meaning.

10. It should have learning activities for kids !!!

Kids can learn a lot just by looking up a new word, but if you want them to learn something new then make sure the dictionary has a fun and interactive way to teach your kid that is cool! This is what makes this dictionary so much better than any other dictionary! There are certain sections in the dictionary which contain links to learn more about a certain topic. Kids can easily go through those links and explore the topic in depth.


The dictionary which I have described above is something every kid should have. So, if you are looking to buy something for your kid, then this is the perfect time to do so! This dictionary will keep them curious and interested in learning new things and it will also help them improve their vocabulary.


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