At Virginia Tech, our students are considered Electric Biz. Whether they’re studying electrical engineering or business marketing, they’ll find that the combination of a robust academic program and today’s cutting-edge technology sets them up for success in today’s competitive job market. Students can earn degrees on either campus in Blacksburg or online through our Pervasive Learning Initiative (PLI). Graduates will be prepared to take their talents to the next level with an impressive selection of exciting careers in STEM fields and beyond. Virginia tech electric biz is a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of education in one place. 

The Electric Biz is the student group at Virginia Tech whose job it is to promote the study of electronics and computer science among the students. The group has a wide range of involvement in the campus, local and international community. As part of the school’s Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, Inc. with funding from over fifteen major companies in the world of electronics, Electric Biz also provides students with research opportunities.

The organization is overseen by the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and two student councils, one for students studying on campus, and one for those studying through PLI. The organization is subdivided into a number of smaller groups spread across both campuses which allow students to choose specific areas of focus within their discipline. At present there are over 300 members in both organizations combined.

The club sponsors an annual technical symposium called “Top Tech. It focuses on problems in the electronics industry. This event is open to students, faculty and staff of the university.  The E-biz website has resources for students to learn more about careers in electronics and computer sciences which are growing at a rate of 20% each year. The site also provides information on career opportunities within the university, as well as local and state government.

Virginia Tech was one of the first schools in the nation to offer degree programs in computer science via a Distance Education (D.E.) Program, which is offered through the Pervasive Learning Initiative (PLI) program. Students study online, at the same time and with the same teachers as their on campus peers.

Unbelievable Facts About Virginia Tech Electric Biz :

1. The Pervasive Learning Institute at Virginia Tech, or “The PLI” –

It is an initiative that was created to meet the needs of today’s students in a technology based learning environment. The PLI offers degrees in Computer Science, Business Marketing and Management Information Systems, Legal Studies and Emergency Management. All classes are delivered online through a state-of-the-art Internet 2 Network. The PLI provides quality education at a much lower cost than traditional courses.

2. Virginia Tech is Number 1 in Virginia for Undergraduate research opportunities. –

Virginia University and State University Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (VUSGAP) – In 2012 Virginia Tech student researchers participated on 141 total projects including 84 doctoral-level research, 38 master’s level research, and 19 undergraduate-level research projects. 

3. Virginia Tech is Ranked Amongst The Best Engineering Schools – 

Including the Nation’s Most Innovative Schools:  “New rankings — based on factors like global research reputation, number of papers published in academic journals and the quality of faculty members — place Virginia Tech so far ahead of its peers that it’s No. 1 among engineering schools nationwide. That’s the way it is for the 20th consecutive year.” & “For the fourth straight year, Virginia Tech was rated among the 10 best universities in the country for engineering, taking that spot from MIT. The survey includes 86 schools from 43 states and is based on more than 16 million citations in 6,000 academic journals.” 

4. Virginia Tech is The Largest University in The Commonwealth of Virginia –

Virginia Tech has more than 40,000 credit students from all over the country, and it is the largest university in Virginia. The University’s campus is located in Blacksburg, Virginia (a city of 35,000 people), and is the center of technological innovation and research for much of the state. 

5. Virginia Tech has a Pre-Med Program –

Students may choose to enroll in a rigorous pre-med program designed to put them on track for medical school or other health-related careers. Doctoral students attend classes alongside undergraduates as well as post-doctoral fellows and medical students; its medical school plays a major role in educating future doctors at local universities such as Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Virginia.

Virginia Tech’s pre-med program offers several different tracks: Pathways, which requires students to complete some general education requirements in addition to their science classes; Biology and Biomedical Sciences, which allows students to focus on human biology; and Pathway for Physical Sciences and Mathematics, which focuses on chemistry, physics, computer science and mathematics.

6. Virginia Tech is home to The Natatorium –

The Natatorium is a $60 million state-of-the-art 541,000 square foot facility located in the heart of Virginia Tech’s campus. This state of the art aquatic center was completed in June 2006.


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