Passive components are the backbone of the computer and they are required to keep it ticking. All passive components use heat and power in order to operate, but some are more efficient than others. You can use the components to minimize the heat produced by the computer and also to prevent power wastage, but some are better than others. Here are some of the best passive devices that you can buy for your computer;

1. Inductors

The inductors are minute electrical components that are used in computers because they can hold a steady charge and thus ensure that the necessary pulsating electric current moves smoothly through the components. They are used in circuits for the purpose of passing magnetic charges through them, but they also reduce heat as well. Passive devices are popular because they are cheap and efficient at the same time.

2. Resistors

When you have excess currents to deal with, resistors come in handy as they offer a steady resistance to the flow of electron components. The resistors are available in many different configurations, but most of them run on the heat produced by electrical circuits. You can install resistors for the purpose of controlling electric current and also preventing short circuits from occurring. However, there is a significant problem with using them as they waste more energy than the other components that you can buy for your computer.

3. Couplers

The couplers are essential to transfer the power from one component to another and they are inserted in electronic circuits to ensure that the electric current is being transferred in the right direction. You should note that couplers have a positive effect on heat dissipation for the computer as they reduce heat generation by about 10%.

4. Diodes

When you want to protect your computer from excess currents and also prevent short circuits from occurring, then you need to use diodes. The diodes are one of the most common components found in computers because they can pass electric currents in only one direction and thus help to prevent counterflow. The diodes are typically installed in order to protect against short circuits and also to minimize overheating. However, you should note that they generate more heat due to the current that they pass through them and this can be a problem.

5. Rotary Encoders

The rotary encoders are used to measure the rotational speed of a shaft, but they are also found in computers as they can be used to input data and control other components of the computer. The encoders provide a signal which is proportional to the rotational speed of a shaft, but they also generate more heat than other components that you can buy for your computer.

6. Antennas

The antennas can be installed around the computer because they can help to increase the signal strength of an electronic device. The antennas are made differently depending on their purpose and most of them are used for the purpose of improving signal strength.

7. Digital Integrated Circuits (IC)

The digital integrated circuits come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; they are used to control electrical functions. The ICs do more than just control, as they can also enhance performance by providing a signal to other components of the computer. However, you should note that you should not overuse the ICs because this could reduce the life expectancy of other components by 10% or more.

8. Surge Protection Components

The surge protection components are used to protect the computer from excess current and they assist in dissipating heat produced by the computer. The surge protection components are made of different materials and some can be installed in conjunction with other components, but most of them are easy to install. However, you should note that surge protectors do not come cheap and you will have to pay more for them than you would for any other passive devices that you can buy for your computer.

You can use passive devices to reduce heat for your computer by up to 30% but you will have to pay a little more for them. Some of the components such as resistors waste too much energy when compared with others and you should note the effect of using them when buying passive devices for your computer.


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