Many people find Zelda a fascinating game because it is one of the most important and influential games of all time. However, there are many aspects in Zelda that are not common knowledge like menoat river born that many do not know about. This article will explore some of these secrets you may have never known about the Legend of Zelda. 

What is your fascination with The Legend Of Zelda? What can this article tell you that you haven’t already learned or experienced yourself?

I think everyone has their own answer to this question even if they have never played Legend Of Zelda before, or even seen the game before.

What are the untold secrets of Legends of Zelda?

1. The main villain, Ganon, is not a legendary creature but rather a man who had the power to control people.

Ganon was once the royal wizard of Hyrule from which he gained the power to create an army of monsters and make them do his bidding. He was actually a very careful and intelligent man who used his knowledge and skills to manipulate others into doing what he wanted them to do or even kill them.

The only reason why an evil wizard would create monsters is if his intentions were not pure. There are actually many evil wizards throughout history that have used their powers for this reason as well. However for Ganon, there was more than just tricks up his sleeve; he also had money in mind too.

2. Princess Zelda is not Princess Zelda.

Princess Zelda was a fairy of light and wisdom, who visited Link and taught him the ways of the Hero Of Time. Princess Zelda was the protector of Hyrule until Ganon betrayed the Kingdom and attacked it with an evil army.

However, it turns out that even after he had been defeated, Princess Zelda would come back to take over again and start all over again. She would go back to her original form as a small fairy in front of Link every time he opened a new doorway to her castle. Her first form had blonde hair in pigtails but this doll-like appearance was only a disguise, she fooled Link into thinking she was just another fairytale princess who had lost her memory.

3. Translation errors

In the American version of Zelda, the man at the beginning of the game was King Harkinian however there was a translation error and his name is actually ‘Dahh Hyraym’

This translation error occurred because when ‘The Legend of Zelda‘ was first exported to America, Nintendo didn’t have an English speaking staff to translate the text from Japanese to English. So they asked Engrish ( a company that specializes in bad translations and gives translations that make no sense ) to do it for them. Link’s real name should have never been translated because his name is not really important but this translator decided to give him an average American name, Jeff.

4. The Japanese language has no exact translation of ‘Cookie’

In Zelda, the term Cookie is used several times as a joke, mainly between Link and his fairy companion. The cookie was a popular snack in Japan at the time of Zelda’s release and so Nintendo decided to use it in their game. However there is no exact word for cookie in Japanese, so Nintendo used the word ‘cookie’ to refer to a type of food which includes cookies and biscuits.

5. The Triforce is not a powerful and invincible object

The Triforce was originally supposed to be a powerful divine relic, something so sacred that it would kill anyone who touched it. However, the developers decided that it was much too powerful and decided to make it somewhat less dangerous. They also made sure that only one person at a time could have their hand on the Triforce at any given time.

6. The game was not originally intended to be released in America

In Japan, there are many different types of businesses such as restaurants, bars, and shops run by the Japanese government called ‘Hachiko’ which means ‘thank you’. The name of the game was originally ‘Dai-Hachiko’ which means ‘thank you for your patronage’, but instead of nobody helping Link, the name was changed to The Legend of Zelda because it sounded more interesting.

7. You can’t save this world.

In the original version of Zelda, there was no saving system in place; all you could do was save your progress at certain points in the game. When you finished a level or a dungeon, that wasn’t it; there were no saves anywhere along the way to go back and start over if you died or got stuck.

Conclusion of this article:

The Legend of Zelda is a challenging but fun game which gives you hours upon hours of entertainment. This article will give you information about this great game that will change your knowledge about it, for better or for worse. 


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