In the age of smartphones, when internet use is as commonplace as breathing and social media can blossom overnight into a global phenomenon, it’s easy for new technology to fade into the background. But podcasts are about to break out big time. Most interesting joe rogan podcasts reddit is that this is a technology often dismissed as old-fashioned, with some branding it as “dinosaur technology” that’s been left in the dust by the swift advance of the web. But if you take a step back, it’s easy to see that podcasts are a very natural fit for internet culture. 

They’re audio files easily accessible across platforms, so they work well on computers and smartphones alike. You can listen while commuting and they’re great for transferring long-form content to mobile devices. And if you’re only going to listen to one podcast, perhaps the most interesting joe rogan podcasts reddit is Serial, the podcast that broke all records when it launched earlier this year. You’ll also find a list of some of the most fascinating podcasts ever created and suggested listening sessions that will help you get started.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Podcasts :

1. Serial: the most popular podcast ever created

To the uninitiated, podcasts might seem like the latest in digital technology. But they’ve actually been around for a while. This is a medium that’s been gradually building momentum, trending on Twitter and at last breaking out of the culture of geeks into something far more mainstream. This is thanks to Serial, whose launch in October was nothing short of a revelation. Hardly anyone had heard of it when it first hit iTunes and yet, over time, its listenership has grown exponentially — so much so that SXSW named host Sarah Koenig one of its top 10 most fascinating people in 2014. 

2. Radiolab: your bedside companion

Podcasts are the perfect medium for putting storytelling at the service of information. This is why they’re all the rage in the world of journalism — and that’s why Radiolab has been so essential to so many. The show, a spin-off of WBEZ Chicago’s Radiolab science show, is an information and discovery podcast that takes listeners on a dreamlike journey through topics like death, evolution, space, music and physics. It’s also known for its evocative sound design and memorable voice-overs that are so much more than simple explanations: they’re true works of art in their own right. And it’s no wonder, considering the talents behind them.

3. The Moth: the most prolific storytellers on the planet

The Moth is the world’s most popular storytelling podcast. A platform for all types of people from all walks of life to share their stories, The Moth has become a destination for people who want to tell their life stories in an intimate and cultural way — from authors like Dave Eggers to Youtube stars like Tyler Oakley. And all you need to be a part of it is a microphone and computer. 

But if this was an afterthought for The Moth, it would never have made it as far as it has today. Or indeed become so influential, with over 4 million downloads so far (and counting). It’s only because the podcast is so very selective in who it invites onto its stage, and with such powerful storytelling talents — and a huge range of subjects covered — that it’s been able to gain such a following.

4. TEDtalks: the ultimate inspiration for self-development

TED conferences have been turning some of the brightest minds on Earth into stars since 1984. And now, thanks to its very own podcast, you don’t have to be in attendance at one of these conferences to be inspired by some of the most compelling speakers out there today. 

Covering everything from music and science to design, business and technology, TEDtalks podcast features the greatest minds of our generation, including Bill Gates, Malcolm Galdwell and Jimmy Wales. And not only does it serve up a collection of the most inspiring talks you could ever hope to hear — it also allows you to discover talks that might otherwise escape your attention.

5. The Nerdist: your go-to podcast for self-development

Chris Hardwick’s the brain behind The Nerdist podcast and its accompanying online community, which has developed a strong following over the past few years. His passion for pop culture has turned The Nerdist into a podcast with a passionate and loyal following. 

As the show’s tagline “Access to the world of things you love” suggests, it’s not a geeky podcast and it covers everything from movies to food, technology and comedy. This is perhaps why many of today’s most successful geeks are among its fans: Elon Musk is known to be a huge fan, as are Bill Nye and Bill Maher.


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