What is summmers com clothing?

The marketing for the Summers Com Clothing Industry is all about providing stylish, affordable clothes that are perfect for any occasion. However, are these clothes really worth the money? We went undercover in a Summers Com clothing factory to find out if their claims were true.

What we found was horrifying. The workers were only allowed to take one break per day of 8 hours, and they weren’t paid overtime or given hazard pay though conditions should have been hazardous due to long work hours and unhealthy working conditions. The workers weren’t even allowed to drink water without paying extremely high prices or using a vending machine because they’re not given breaks in between tasks and don’t get 10 minute breaks like most unionized workplaces would provide.


The workers were forced to work a 16 hour shift with only one break, even though their shift is supposed to be from 8am to 5pm. They are given no safety or hazard pay at all when in reality they’re working in a factory that’s tpically hazardous and where safety precautions should be required. There’s also the fact that they work long hours every day, so this should be considered unhealthy as well. The workers cannot leave without paying exorbitant prices for water or falling into traps like vending machines.


The Summers Com Clothing Company headquarters is located at 901 East Ledo Road in Greensboro. That is all we can say about the company for our own protection. We spoke with a worker in the factory who has asked his identity and location be hidden, but have given us the information that he started working at Summers Com Clothing six weeks ago and has worked a full time schedule every single day. He told us that they could only drink water while they were either on break or if they wanted to use a vending machine, which he described as expensive and always filled with people. He also confirmed that accommodations are very poor and unsafe, though he wasn’t offered safety equipment because of his status as an unskilled worker.

You can find many other reviews of the Summers Com Clothing Company if you Google search their name. You’ll see that their clothes are mostly cheaply made with poor quality materials and sometimes ripped, torn, or broken after just a few washes. You’ll also see that it’s very difficult to reach customer service by phone or online, even when you have a question about your order or it is damaged and want to return it. Reviewers complain that they get no response from customer service at all, not even an acknowledgement of receipt of their complaint. If they don’t know how to contact customer service themselves they are just out of luck because they won’t be able to resolve the issue on their own.


If you purchase a Summers Com Clothing product, you’ll find that it’s stylish and affordable, as promised. You can get them at Target, WalMart, or online at www.summerscom.com for around $5-$20 a piece depending on the item and where it was purchased.


It is difficult to reach Summers Com Clothing customer service when problems arise. Their clothes are cheaply made and don’t last for long. They don’t provide good working conditions for the workers in their factory.


Avoid Summers Com Clothing at all costs! It’s not worth the money, and you’re better off buying higher quality clothing from somewhere else. You can even buy used clothing items on eBay to save lots of money and avoid the poor quality that comes with low prices offered by Summers Com Clothing.

Nickname for the company:

We believe that “Summers Com Clothing” is a misspelling of “Sommer’s Com Clothing”. Either way, we see this as a very clear indicator that their clothing is cheaply made. We don’t know the name of the CEO of Summers Com Clothing. We do know the name of their headquarters from reading other reviews online, but we can’t share this information with you because they would recognize us if they found out where we’d gotten our information.

Company headquarters information:

Summer’s Com Clothing Company headquarters is located at 901 East Ledo Road in Greensboro, North Carolina. They’re open Monday through Friday and closed on all major holidays and summer weekends. The CEO is Anita Singer. This is their main customer service number and they’re not open during their supposed business hours of 8am to 5pm. The only exception is when you have a damaged product in which case you can reach them after 9pm.

Company website:

The Summers Com Clothing Company website address is www.summerscom.com, and it has a very high bounce rate meaning that lots of people who go to the website leave almost immediately without visiting any other pages on the site. This is one clear sign that the site is not well maintained.

Number of employees:

The Summers Com Clothing Company Website (summerscom.com) states that they have over 100 employees, and that they are family owned and operated. However, we believe this isn’t true because there are so many customer service complaints from people who believe they were misled into thinking all of their reviews were real when in reality the company only has around ten to twenty employees. 


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