Whether you’re an avid reader, a doodler on a phone, or an old-school pen and paper kind of person, there is no denying that the need for storytelling is rooted deep in our human nature. There’s something about hearing (or reading) another person’s story that just makes us happy.  Tales are often more interesting than reality, especially now that it is hard even to escape into fiction on some days with all of the depressing real world news flooding our environments.

It was with this knowledge in mind that Tales was created. The platform has three user-interface products: the right to read, the right to write and the right to share. It aims to be a place for people from all over the world – writers of different experience levels and backgrounds – come together and tell their stories through words or artwork. It’s a simple idea with extraordinary potentials for creativity and collaboration. Tales of symphonia tech is trying to construct a platform for authors to tell stories and collaborate freely with others. 

“We have a passion for reading, listening, watching and even creating stories. Stories are important in everyone’s life, whether we realize it or not,” says Jiamin Shi, the founder of Tales. “At Tales, we want to provide the most natural and convenient way of telling stories.” It offers users the ability to upload their own books and artworks in both English and Chinese on its online platform.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Tales :

1.It gratifies the readers and writers.

Unlike other literature platforms, Tales provides an immersive reading experience with the movie-like interface which is both visual and interactive. The reader can change the font size, set text speed and also share their reading history. This design helps them focus on the stories by providing a comfortable environment designed specifically for stories. On top of that, it also gives its authors a way to make profit from their works by allowing them to set up their own payment system through “donation”, “pre-order” or “patron”.

2.It attracts more writers to contribute their stories.

How can you not love that artfully crafted cover page and the title page? It takes only one click to create your first story, thanks to the simple and easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is upload a picture or write a short story and share it with others on the platform. With a myriad of readers eager to read your work, you will soon find yourself in the spotlight. It’s all about trial and error until you hit upon the right formula for your works so don’t be shy! You can also set up your own payment system through “donation”, “pre-order” or “patron”.

3.It builds a loyal fanbase of readers and writers.

Once you contribute your own works in the platform, you will be able to gain more audience members by engaging with them through different communication channels such as instant messaging, voice and video calls, etc. You will also get to know what other readers like when they read your stories or simply see your work on the cover page. 

Through this research and feedback, the platform can help improve your talents along with the works you create. In addition to a good number of followers among new readers and writers, it has been reported that many of its authors have already earned their first one million yuan (US$140 thousand) from their works on the platform .

With social features such as following, subscription and comment, authors can interact with their fans directly. All of these enable users to be part of the story.

4.It gives its writers a better way of earning.

In the past, publishing works as an author in such platforms as Wattpad or Saavn were often not profitable. However, after the launch of Tales in June 2015, many writers have posted their works to the platform and earned from their stories. 

The platform is not only focusing on making its readers happy but also giving profits to its writers. After considering the fact that users can make profit from selling their works via “donation”, “pre-order” or “patron”, it has been reported that authors have earned more than 700 thousand yuan (US$103 thousand) until now .

5.It promotes communication between different cultures and regions.

In Tales, you will find stories from all over the world. It is making a great effort to let people of different cultures and regions come together in order to build a bridge of communication. Not only can you read stories from other places, you can also find many partners here with whom you can create your own stories or even share multimedia resources. All of these provide more opportunities for all kinds of cultural exchanges around the world.


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