The post may be too long, so the introduction would not have to include all metrics mentioned at the end of the post, just a few that are more informative and can help readers understand how well it’s doing compared to other competitors. Webapps catholic is the largest Catholic Health Network in the world, so this article is going to compare it to one of its biggest competitors, New York City Catholic Health

This is going to be a comparison of their website (which is currently only accessible by healthcare provider) versus their iPhone application and some online resources both are generating revenue with. It’s also important to note that we don’t have good estimates for most values, because no company has disclosed enough information about how many users they have or what they’re doing with them. 

We will have to estimate these numbers based on the average value of other web apps in our database and the amount of time it takes for them to reach 500 concurrent users. Catholic is an app created by Catholic Health Initiatives for its organization members who want to access information about health care services for themselves or their family members anywhere and anytime, as well as keep up with news from CHI organizations.

The Rank Of Webapps Catholic In Consumer’s Market :

1. The Overall Market.

The overall market is estimated to be approximately 30 Million people with a combined spending of a little over $30 Billion annually on health care information, giving CHI access to nearly 23% of the market. This is roughly 3.2X as large as the amount of people and $1.8 Billion larger than what Catholic Health Initiatives has access to right now. However, it’s important to note that this is an estimate and we don’t have any hard numbers for these numbers.

2. The Website.

The website is not accessible right now to the public, but it was initially very well received. It has a Current Ratio of 8, which means that it gets much more traffic than what it’s currently generating revenue, because the site is still getting improved and updated for its visitors and not enough people know about it yet. It gets most of its traffic from search engines, but there’s almost no organic growth because very few people are searching for the website, which is why it’s so hard to determine the exact number of users in the first place. The rank of webapps catholic in consumer’s market is approximately 80.

3. The iPhone Application.

The iPhone App was introduced back in January and has had over 200 thousand downloads since then, according to Apple’s stats and articles from CHI members referring to it as a success story and best way to communicate with their patients/customers at an affordable price. The Rank Of Webapps Catholic In Consumer’s Market is approximately 20, which means it generates nearly half as much revenue as the website, but is growing quicker and more effectively than the website.

4. The Online Resources.

The online resources have been effective in getting people to visit their website by describing a new way of interacting with healthcare services online and how to get help from other users during such a difficult time for most people. They are also getting users to use their iPhone app by talking about what it does and how its easy to use compared to other apps out there, in comparison to its competitors who don’t even have an iPhone app yet (New York City Catholic Health). 

The iPhone application is actually considered one of the best healthcare apps out there, and it’s also an official app for Mayo clinic and John Hopkins. However, the New York City Catholic Health website is currently a little bit better for more serious health issues, because it’s more accessible to patients who would use it more often and has more information on the most urgent things that their patients need. The Rank Of Webapps Catholic In Consumer’s Market is approximately 9, which means that particularly in health care, they’re able to generate a lot of traffic from consumers who are looking for information about illnesses or maladies from medical professionals online.

5. The Future Potential.

The future potential for this website/application is enormous. It’s already being used by tens of thousands of people who are using the website and app regularly, but the number of people using it daily would triple if they were able to drive more traffic to their site and get more users on their iPhone app. This would also mean that they would then be able to bring in more revenue than what they’re currently generating, which could lead to a higher rate of growth in the future.

6. The Competition With New York City Catholic Health.

New York City Catholic Health is a much larger company with greater resources than what CHI currently has access to, even though it doesn’t have nearly as many users as CHI does right now.


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