This blog post is the first in a series of posts about how to be successful at hotels. Our goal is to provide those who work in hospitality with insights that will enable them to be more successful. Check out these We hope this article has been helpful, and we look forward to posting more in the coming weeks!

Hotels are one of the most challenging industries out there, but they can also be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. In our next posts we’ll get into detail on topics like getting your boss off your back and creating a brand for your hotel property.

Ten things which can be done to achieve success for running a hotel are:

1. Hire the right people

The most important thing for a hotel is to get the right people in your restaurant, night club, or whatever department you’re working at. The pretty face might catch your eye first but more importantly, you should take into consideration attitude, personality, and ability to do the job. Hiring people who aren’t experienced (or aren’t capable of) doing the job will cause a lot of stress for you and your staff.

2. Know what you’re worth

You should never feel as though you cannot ask for a raise if you feel it’s deserved. If your boss doesn’t think you’re worth it then they shouldn’t be your boss. It’s simple as that.

3. Get on the train, don’t be the engine

If you want to go somewhere, don’t try and drag everyone else with you. Just get on board and enjoy the ride. If you can help people out then go ahead, but otherwise just throw your energy into making yourself better than before and your hotel experience will be a lot easier and more enjoyable for those around you (and for yourself).

4. Never forget where you came from or who got you there

Always remember that this is a business! Keep your priorities in check at all times and respect everyone around you. Doing so will ensure you have a lot more fun with your co-workers on a day-to-day basis and make your life easier.

5. Say no to drugs

This one is simple, but so many people still do it. Not only can it cost you your life, but it can cost you your job, friends and family. Also, there’s nothing attractive about being high all the time anyway (not in my opinion at least).

6. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward

If you’ve been working at the same place for a while and find yourself getting unhappy, burned out or just ready for a change: Don’t quit! Take a step back, evaluate your situation and then move forward again. Sometimes hotel jobs get so stressful that we forget how important other aspects of life are. This can be something as simple as spending time with family or even going on an adventure.

7. Don’t try to be the best at everything

I don’t want to be this guy, but sometimes it helps to step back and remind yourself that you’re not the best at everything. Everyone has their skills and abilities that they’re good at. You can’t be the best at everything, so pick your battles wisely and choose your battles wisely.

8. Be nice to people, they always come back

Every time you smile at someone in the hotel or say hello, thank you, or anything else that makes another person’s day even a little bit better (even if it’s just for a moment), you’re doing good.Be nice to people and they will treat you how you deserve to be treated in return.

9. Just do it, no matter what

Every once in a while you will find yourself staring at the mirror. You won’t want to get out of bed, you’ll think about taking a sick day and letting yourself just lay around in your pajamas all day. If you’re going to do something (in this case, work), then just do it. Don’t waste your time thinking about why or if you should or shouldn’t. Just go for it and realize that you’ll get whatever you want when you need it.

10. Never assume anything about anyone

Never make judgments about others or assume that you know what someone else is thinking. You never know what someone else is going through or how they feel. Don’t be the judge, just be nice. There’s no such thing as a “good person” or a “bad person”. Just because someone is nice to your face doesn’t mean they will be nice to everybody else all the time. That’s just a fact of life, and you might be surprised by how many people are like that.


I hope that you found this article helpful. With these ten things in mind, hopefully you’ll be able to increase your level of success at your hotel job. Good luck!

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