What is Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. A man with a beard and a woman in a wheelchair hold up a giant cake covered in rainbow colors. The couple behind them has a bright smile on their face, as if they’re about to cut the cake like you might see at an old-fashioned white wedding. But there’s no wedding, just cookies that look like they’ve been styled into something out of “The Lion King.” If you watched your local news this morning, there was an advertisement where some people in church dress up as Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price to show how affordable it is. It’s all over media, with the tagline “A cake, for all tastes.”

What is most alarming about these advertisements is how many people are buying into the notion that Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price really does exist. All around you, old and young alike are winging it in terms of how to spend their money. They don’t know the truth about this cake that’s supposed to be so affordable. Most people don’t know how much it costs because there were no ingredients listed in the advertisement. Those that did know were terrified to ask because they might have been punished by their family or friends by being banished from a lavish wedding or being put on a diet they’ll never attain while being lectured on not wasting food.

Is there really a cake that has every taste all at once? Is there really a cake that’s affordable to all incomes? 

Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price is most likely a marketing ploy to get people who are single and in their 20s to buy overpriced items in order to show their personality. This goes against what you would normally think of when someone is trying to sell you something. It goes against the grain of common sense; everyone knows that the only things worth spending money on are real estate and investments.

Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price is unlike anything you’ve ever heard of before. It’s a new and mysterious product that will help you have cake for every taste, every time. No need to skip out on dessert in a restaurant or leave your friends behind when they ask for a Coke from the vending machine. Bring Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price to thousands of people in your vicinity and let them enjoy tastes from all over the world when other people are forced to eat blandness and expensive meals just to get one thing on their plate.

Don’t buy into the misconceptions about Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price. This is just advertising at its finest. If you want to be cool, rich, and admired by all the losers you know, then treat yourself to some Nick and Sam’s Rainbow Cake Price.


OLD SPICE: For men who don’t have any manners

NEW SPICE: For families that want to be more like the Waltons

VANILLA PEPPERMINT: For people who are both lame and ignorant

PLATINUM ROSE: For women who want to hide their age with unachievable beauty standards.

PEPPERMINT DIPPED STRAWBERRY: The best of both worlds! At last, men and women can stop fighting over bathroom time. Don’t get caught in the middle of a war you never had a chance of winning. Let Nicholas turn your life around with Peppermint Dipped Strawberry.

CARDAMOM: This is for people who forget

LEMON TREE: For men who like to stand out

TURTLE: Not everyone can be  a tiger.

RASPBERRY CHAMOY CARAMEL TANGERIN SPICE: For women who want to be a billionaire but don’t have the brains or the money. If you’re not rich, you can still be a billionaire with this one. Have fun and be rich! These flavors are great if you want to make your own recipe… But they were designed to bring those who were on the verge of an important decision all the way over that line.


-Custom and unique taste

-Don’t have to worry about getting sick from eating a bad piece of cake

-Keeps everyone in the family happy

-Look better with your friends than they do without you

-Make sure that no one else can afford it

-What’s so expensive anyway? The best part is, it grows on trees! You don’t need to bother with shipping it or running out of the store. You get the overdramatic expression before someone else tries to make a decision on how much they want to spend. Then you can get angry at them because they are only thinking of food instead of being happy at the thought that you want something your parents saved up for you.


-A special occasion cake that’s available only to those who can afford it

-You’ll be treated like a snob

-You can’t eat dinner with your friends because you need to bring this cake everywhere you go

-Your friends will look like idiots for choosing not to treat themselves

-You’ll probably have to eat dinner in your room if you get enough this cake for the whole family. Imagine all the fun you could have if you brought this cake around the block! You’ll have more fun than anyone else in your neighborhood. You’ll have more fun than any of your neighbors… ever!

-If they don’t want to spend a ton of money on a cake, they won’t want that kind of lifestyle.


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