It’s time we make our energy sources more sustainable. After all, energy is what powers the entire world and it needs to be created in a way that will ensure that we both have enough to go around and that our planet will survive for generations to come.

What might just be the most eco-friendly form of energy today? 

One of the newest types of solar power, according to findings from a recent study by researchers at Stanford University: photovoltaic cells (PVCs). That’s right if you think solar energy is only about the panels attached to your roof, think again.

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PVCs, which convert sunlight into electricity directly, have a lot of advantages over more traditional solar-energy methods. PVC cells are made from organic compounds that are flexible, lightweight and easy to produce in large quantities. 

They can be manufactured at very low cost (think about a simple printer for instance), which means that solar power can become economically feasible even in the poorest parts of the world. 

Here are some points discussed about The most eco-friendly energy in today’s date-

1. Natural material

The most eco-friendly energy in today’s date is made from a natural material, which makes it free from many of the ills that have come with the development of other forms of solar power. The best way to think about PVCs is as solar panels that are already in place.

Gold products and silver, both minerals and metals, are also natural materials. However, they are not very common in their pure form and are therefore not suited to solar power.

2. Energy efficiency

Most metals used in solar cells have their efficiency reduced by 24% or more when they first come out of the factory. 

This is because most manufacturers choose to use the cheapest possible materials and, as a result, end up with devices that are less efficient than they could be. 

In contrast, PVCs are made from organic compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Their production process is very simple and the material is not only cheap but also has a high energy efficiency.

3. The size of solar cells

The most eco-friendly energy in today’s date can be produced in much smaller sizes than conventional solar power systems. In fact, PVC cells can be produced at an area of just 3 x 3 mm2. These small panels are ideal for urban, residential and even military applications.

4. The cost of PVC solar cells

PVC solar cells are produced in a way that means they are very inexpensive. In fact, the materials used in their manufacture are so cheap that the price of a small PV cell is less than one dollar per Watt. 

This makes them an attractive alternative to conventional solar power technologies. Not only does this make them more affordable for people all over the world, it also means that PV cells can be produced in huge scales and at low costs.

5. The durability

PVC solar cells are highly durable. After all, they are made from a very high-quality material. They are resistant to high temperatures and can operate under rain or shine for years without losing their efficiency. This means that about 80% of the energy generated by these solar cells is still available after one year.

6. The flexibility of PVC solar cells

Thanks to their light weight and flexibility, PV cells can be easily applied to a wide range of other products besides just the panels on your roof, say for instance, window shutters, street signs or even car bumpers. This makes them even more versatile and effective as a source of solar energy.

7. PVC solar cells in the world

Today, more than 4 million homes in Germany are powered by PVC solar cells. Other countries that have started using these simple, yet effective, PV cells include Italy, Japan the Netherlands and of course South Africa. 

Even our own government is encouraging the use of these new sources of solar power within its own buildings and throughout its embassies (e.g., in China).

Hopefully you are now convinced that PVC solar panels are the most eco-friendly energy source out there today. 

Consider the benefits of a modern solar power system and do not be afraid to experiment with these newer sources of energy. After all, you will be saving both the environment and your wallet from unnecessary expenses.


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