Movie nights are one of the go-to ways for couples to spend time together. You know the routine: grab a blanket, find a good movie, relax and share a nice dinner afterwards. There is nothing special about it, except that when you’re done with all the popcorn and feel surrounded by lights and sounds, you might have missed something important.

Watching movies can be more than just entertainment — they can also be a tool for building empathy in your relationships! Why not try this tactic during future movie nights? This may help keep your spouse or significant other engaged in what you’re watching rather than reaching for their phone or leaving to mingle with friends. Ohio state fair dates 2015 is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

The Hidden Agenda Of Movie Nights :

1. Watch A Movie You Both Enjoy

Of course, you want to choose a movie that you both enjoy watching. This helps bring in the feeling of entertainment into the relationship. You won’t be straining your eyes or ears to listen or watch something that bores you both. If one of you hasn’t watched it before, get together and watch a clip or two for a bit of background on it before setting aside time for this activity.

2. Stay In Your Lows

No matter how many times you’ve watched a movie together, stay in your lows during the sections of the movie with lots of action. For instance, if you’re watching an action-packed movie, there will be a lot of moments when you’ll feel like screaming or getting frustrated. It’s likely that when watching this kind of movie together, you’ll both be on the edge about what’s going to happen next. Just stay in your lows and don’t give into frustration.

3. Try Not To Criticize The Directions

Unlike a normal movie, when action movies come on the television, it can feel like you’re in a foreign land where things aren’t always being told to you properly. Instead of trying to point out what’s being said or good points made during parts of the movie, try not to focus on things that are going wrong or are incorrect. 

Try to keep in mind that this is the director’s vision, and if it’s working, then you can’t really fault it. In fact, if you feel like I’m always pointing out things that are wrong, you might find one of those moments of fun when we’re watching a movie together by looking at each other and silently laughing at the stuff happening on screen.

4. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Try to keep your eyes on the prize during times when the action becomes intense or when something bad happens. When something bad happens in a movie — whether it be violence or something else — it may rattle your mind because you can’t escape it. Turn your brain off when it comes to bad things that happen on screen and try to look at them as just what they are: bad. If you do this, your mind will find a way to be OK with it and you can enjoy the rest of the movie instead of putting things into perspective.

5. Avoid Complaining About The Movie

Complaining about the movie that’s playing will make your relationship seem like a place full of negativity. Try staying positive by avoiding saying things like “I hate this movie,” or “this part is stupid” or something similar. The point is to focus on the positive overall and not let negative comments get in there — which will be against the “Hidden Agenda” goal. It’s always better to be positive overall and avoid negativity at all costs.

6. Change The Rules Of Engagement

During a movie, rules of engagement may not be in play — but you can still change the rules during times when you two are watching the movie. For example, for a comedic movie such as Bad Neighbors 2: Slumber Party Massacre or Meet The Patels, make up some new rules that your significant other is bound to break and then act shocked when he or she does so. You can also try this with a more serious movie that’s not very good at keeping your attention as well. 

7. Remember The “Hidden Agenda”

Another thing to remember during times when you watch a movie is that your goal is to keep your partner engaged in what’s going on with the movie and not allow them to watch something else and leave the room. This can be accomplished by reminding each other of the “Hidden Agenda” and keeping things honest during times when distractions come about.

8. Don’t Get Mad At Your Partner’s Bad Acting

Just like in a normal movie, when there is a bad acting moment, don’t let your anger get the best of you. Try to stay calm and avoid having an outburst: it helps keep things from getting really out of control. If you and your spouse are watching a movie together and there is an acting moment that becomes so bad that both of you want to scream at the screen, try not to do it in front of one another. Just let that feeling go, and if you do show it: keep yourself from doing anything drastic or violent as well.


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