What is Scl Health the Landing?

Scl Health the Landing is a new therapeutic facility that will serve as an extension of the Scleroderma Foundation. The facility will allow us to take care of patients who require long-term, specialized management and care in an inpatient setting. Patients such as those on ventilators or those with life-threatening complications such as heart failure, kidney and liver failure, or septic shock may be eligible for admission.

The middle ground between home and hospitalization. Scl Health the Landing provides a middle ground for patients who don’t require intensive nursing care but need special interventions or therapies to manage their illness.

Effective April 23, 2012, Scl Health the Landing has opened as a way to offer a more integrated approach to healthcare for Scleroderma patients. Although the first year of operations will cover only about a dozen patients, our goal is to build out the facility in order to treat an increasing number of Scleroderma patients with similar needs. We hope that this first year will provide valuable learning for the staff, the community and most importantly the patients.

Who may be admitted?

ADHD: It is not an anomaly that many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed by their energetic and physical lives. This is called hyperactivity and can be treated with medication as well as other modalities. The Scleroderma Foundation works with many families in the community to provide support, education and advocacy.


There are a number of center-based programs that offer clinical and supportive services to Scleroderma patients. Our goal is to integrate these resources and resources into the new health care facility. We will determine what types of patients are eligible for admission at Scl 

Health the Landing, as well as how they might be admitted. In addition to our current staff, we hope that volunteer physicians and nurses will join our team of healthcare providers and managers as we work together in service of our patients. We are also in the process of exploring different protocols for taking care of patients in critical condition. We will work with our member physicians and nurses to find the best way to deliver services to patients requiring immediate care.


The Scleroderma Foundation will continue to provide support to families, caregivers and people with Scleroderma. We have many resources that help the local community. This includes our support groups, education and advocacy programs, as well as our unique ability to fund medical research.

We are excited about the new facility, but we hope that additional funding will help us become a fully integrated healthcare provider for the community. We would like to be able to provide housing and services for patients with limited mobility or those who need long-term care in order to reach their full potential in their lives.

Our Impact:

Scl Health the Landing is changing the way that healthcare is delivered to people with scleroderma. The facility will provide integrated care for people with difficult illnesses and complications. Scl Health the Landing will help patients and their families by providing a home where they can live free of complications and unnecessary stress while receiving treatment should they need it.

The facility will also change the way that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals work. People with scleroderma do not have to travel long distances for care or to remain at home. By drawing together specialized medical staff, we lessen stress on families who have been burdened by this illness for too long.

What does it provide?

The Scleroderma Foundation will provide full funding for the facility and ongoing support so that those with scleroderma are able to reach their full potential. We will also work with local healthcare providers, such as physicians and nurses, to identify the best ways to care for patients at Scl Health the Landing.

Our goal is that by providing comprehensive healthcare and treatment options at Scl Health the Landing, patients can be assured of receiving the best possible care in every aspect of their lives. We hope that this new facility will provide optimal care in a home-like setting and give people with scleroderma a safe place wherever they live.


The Scleroderma Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance and relief for people with scleroderma and their families. Helping patients requires a level of expertise not typically found in traditional medical facilities. Because of this, The Scleroderma Foundation will construct and operate Scl Health the Landing, an integrated therapeutic facility that will provide comprehensive treatment options to patients with complex needs. As a result, scleroderma patients can receive the care they need when they need it most.


The goal of Scl Health the Landing is to bring all of the resources needed to care for patients with scleroderma in one place. Our goal is to make sure that patients have access to quality healthcare close to home. This can be done by bringing together a variety of medical professionals and facilities under one roof. By doing this, we enable people with scleroderma to receive the care they need in a more cost-effective and less stressful environment.


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