The best way to go about mailing a letter is to use the United States Postal Service like mattoon post office, which can be accessed at your local post office. The U.S. Postal Service offers not just one, but two whole offices in the same building, as well as online services that give you all of the information you need before visiting.

1. Start by Stopping By at the Post Office

Stopping by a post office is your best bet if you need to mail items that are under one pound. The postage costs less, but it will take more time than if you were to use an online service.

2. Using the U.S. Postal Service’s Website

The U.S. Postal Service’s website not only offers a calculator to be used for determining postage, but also tells you which of their locations offer services like priority mail, which offers increased protection and delivery speed, and priority mail certified which provides proof of delivery with a tracking number associated with the package being delivered .

3. Using Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express

When it comes to mailing packages that weigh more than one pound, you will have to use the USPS’s Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express services. These services are available in many locations, even if there is not a regular post office for you to go to, and will help you get your items delivered faster than regular methods might allow.

4. Ordering Stamps Online

If you are purchasing stamps online via the U.S Postal Service’s website, be aware that the cost of shipping stamps is free when buying them in bulk of 40 stamps or more at a time though certain limits apply based on the number of stamps purchased at once so be sure to factor them into your purchase accordingly.

5. Taking Advantage of the Post Office in the Parking Lot

If you have the option of going to a post office located in a shopping center or mall, they might be willing to let you use their postage machines, which will help you save money on stamps because they will be able to mail your items for less than what it would cost if you were to mail them yourself at home.

6. Using the Postal Service’s Money Order Service

The postal service also offers another service that can help you save money on postage, which is when using a money order . When using a USPS money order, the amount of postage is just 50% of what it would normally cost . This means that if it would normally cost $2.00 in postage to send an item, you will only have to pay $1.00 for the money order, and it can be used to mail items that weigh up to one pound.

7. Using the Internet

To use the USPS’s online services for purchasing stamps and printing shipping labels, you will first have to register by creating an account . Your account will allow you keep track of your shipments, which determines when your packages are due to arrive, and when they do arrive using a tracking number that is associated with each shipment. 

8. Registering

The postal service offers free registration so that customers can print shipping labels and create their accounts that they need in order to start doing business with them online or through their mobile devices. 

9. Find a Post Office

If you are having trouble finding a post office near your home, do not worry. The U.S Postal Service will help you find one near you and provides a map with their locations so that you can be sure to find the one that is closest to you, even if it is at another mall or shopping center .

10. Paying for Your Mail

The last thing that you need to know about mailing items through the postal service is how much it will cost and this information can be found on each service’s page. For example, Priority Mail costs $3.50 for the first pound with each package costing an additional $2.00 per pound after that, while Express Mail costs anywhere between $16.00 to $19.60 depending on the amount of weight that it has as well as the location being sent to and from .


– The Post Office is located in most shopping centers and malls.

-There are many different services like priority mail and express mail you can use to send items through the postal service.

-You can register with the post office and create an account to be able to do business with them online or on your mobile device. 

-It costs less to send items through the post office than it does to send them yourself at home.

-You can save money by using the postal service’s money order service if you have enough stamps to do so.

-Shopping Centers and malls have some post offices that are open during the day that you can use, even if they might not be in the parking lot.


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