An introduction to a blog post about the best online learning platforms for educational stages. The article starts with a list of different educational stages and sites to help you learn new skills, knowledge, and eventually your career. These sites are interactive and allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. It is hard to imagine how easy it can be not going through school or paying high tuition fees!

Why Should You Start Learning Online?

The internet has brought a whole world of free knowledge right into our laps via websites like Youtube, Wikipedia, and Reddit, which is why more people than ever are pursuing online learning opportunities rather than traditional education.

Online learning gives us the ability to learn at our own pace, whenever and wherever we want. If you can’t make it to the local college campus or even if you don’t have access to those, online learning platforms will help you acquire knowledge on your terms. There is no excuse not to start learning.

The Best Online Learning Platforms.

Below is a list of the top educational sites currently sell online courses free courses. These sites must be recommended for young adults or anyone who doesn’t have access to the formal education system or lousy credit. The education platforms listed below will tailor your learning experience around your needs and goals. Some of these platforms only offer single courses at this time, but many others offer thousands of courses on a wide variety of topics; you can even take them for free!

Top Educational Sites

Take a look at these sites below. These are all very reputable online learning platforms that currently offer thousands of courses and lectures. These will help you acquire new skills, knowledge, and even an entirely new career. Imagine what doors could be opened to you if you learn the right skills!

Best Online Learning Platforms

1. Udemy – This viral website focuses on professional training courses. The courses are broken down into electronics, Technology, Mobile Development, Data Science and much more. You can learn everything from beginner to advanced topics and even earn an online certificate for completing specific courses.

2. Teachers Pay Teachers – TpT is a very well known website that focuses on classes for adults such as graphic design, photography, personal development and even health. You can learn anything from basic to advanced skills needed for your career or hobby.

3. Codecademy – This website is excellent for beginner computer science courses and offers courses in general programming languages and software engineering. If you are looking for something that will teach you professional skills and how to develop software, this is the place for you! They have a huge list of courses across a large number of topics but try to keep track of your viewing history because it is not easy to backtrack through every course you’ve ever taken.

3. AI Class – This is an excellent site for beginners interested in learning the basics of AI. It covers machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and many other subcategories of artificial intelligence. It also offers many tutorials on implementing these skills into real-life situations.

4. Khan Academy – This site was created by a young boy named Sal Khan who wanted to help his peers learn basic math skills that they would need in school and beyond. The website sell courses online  and some for free where you can take thousands of courses on everything from astronomy to microbiology and even finance.


The world has changed, and now the opportunity to start learning at home has never been better. Whether you want to learn a new skill or earn an entirely new career, there are plenty of options for you! There is no excuse not to start learning online, so get out there and don’t look back! If you’re struggling with money and can’t afford college or university tuition fees – then definitely check out these courses. We all know that education is becoming more pricey every year, so getting a headstart in your education right now will set you up for success later on in life. The most important thing is to start learning!


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