“For the last decade, games have been changing forever. They are evolving in an effort to keep their player base happy and unsure what to expect next. Whether you’re playing a new game or exploring a classic, we’ve rounded up the best ones that have been released over the last 10 years.”

Some of these games may not be your favourite because they haven’t aged well, but many of them are still great for those looking for something new and exciting to play.

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Here some points are discussed-

1. Importance of Gameplay and Story

I can’t think of a single good game that has absolutely no gameplay and no story. In fact, it’s usually the other way around that is where you find such a thing. Game Design is important for any type of game and not just puzzle games. Games with gameplay are more enjoyable to play than those without.

2. Shooters have always been popular, but what about Platformers?

There were people who thought this genre was dead in 2007, but they were wrong. Then, in 2013, there were not just one or two platformer games that were released. But there was a whole bunch of them (and many of them are still being made).

3. Features Affect the Way Games are Played

The more complicated the game’s system is, the less chance you’re going to want to play it. Take a look at these games; The Sims, Spore, and Civilization for example. If you take away their complexity and simplify it for your own good and enjoyment, then we might see more people trying these games out! The same thing goes for fighting games; with difficult controls and complicated mechanics keeping you away from fighting games.

4.These Games are Still Played

If you look at the list of games here, you’ll notice there are some normal games, nothing too exciting and probably forgotten. But that doesn’t mean that these games were bad. Because they are still being played. 

Lots of people enjoy them to this day and they want to keep playing them because they still like the feel of the game, even after all these years! We should always be looking for more new things to make our current beloved games better and even more enjoyable!

5.Don’t Forget the Indie Scene

With the same amount of money poured into a game, purely from indie developers, you can get a very good game that is sure to keep people happy for a long time. It’s this very reason for the rise of indie games. If it weren’t for such games, we wouldn’t have so many great games nowadays. It has opened up a new way for game makers and gamers to work together!

6. Indie Games Are Not Dead

It can be difficult for people to understand why it is that the indie scene has exploded so much in recent years. It’s because the JRPG genre can be enjoyed by both old and young gamers, and some old gamers prefer to play indie games now. 

That used to be impossible before, due to the fact that most games were either for kids or incredibly complicated with a lot of options and controls. With indie games, you don’t have to worry about this; they are easy enough as well as requiring a good amount of skill! The genres listed here are a few of the best examples!

7. Some are being remade

Some games were recreated to remake them better and to make them more enjoyable. Well, as long as they don’t destroy the original game, then people can be happy! It’s because every game has its own charm. They also have their own different way of getting the gamer interested in playing it! When you’re playing a game that is being remade, you’re sure to have a good time with that game!

8. Why Play The Original when You Can Play the Re-release?

Nowadays, we aren’t limited by technology on how we can play a game; we can play on our smartphones or computers with most of them having at least one good RPG on it. But you can still find some great games on older systems, like the PlayStation and the Dreamcast.

Some games that have been re-released include Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; all of which have been updated with extra content to make them even better than before.

9. Games Are Not Automated Machines

A few years ago, there was this big argument about how big franchises were taking over many gaming systems in the same way that movies take over Hollywood. It was also argued that games had just become too easy and one person could just buy a game to play it or sell it for millions of dollars.


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