What is Uw Health Mytime?

Uw Health Mytime is the first ever online solution for you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by signing up for a timetable of fitness and health programs that meet your needs. It provides free, simple, and access to training plans for all fitness levels. There are thousands of options to choose from including stretching, yoga, aerobics, weight lifting exercises – everything needed for one to live a healthy lifestyle. Uw Health Mytime allows you time management solutions so that you can balance work and family life with the home-based workout routines.

In today’s world, being healthy is essential to stay away from diseases, illnesses and disorders. Having a healthy life is not as easy as it seems. But, you don’t need to sacrifice your other activities for a healthier lifestyle. You can do it all at once and in the convenience of your home.

One of the most efficient ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is through exercise – working out at home or nearby places if you must (purchasing home gym equipment may be an alternative depending on location). This proved to be very convenient because anyone can be active regardless of their work schedule or family commitments.


People have a lot of reasons to use Uw Health Mytime. Aside from the exercise regimes, people can also take advantage of the Mytime Coaches for all their fitness needs. They can provide your diet guide or serve as a personal trainer that will cater to your fitness goals or objectives. And if you have a tough time with time management, Mytime Coaches can also be your personal life coach for daily fitness routines.

Uw Health Mytime is a free application and it can be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet access. It also supports mobile devices such as smartphones, so you can work out wherever and whenever you want. Lastly, Uw Health Mytime has an online community that allows users to share their exercise routines and tips online while benefiting from a personalized support system.

Revenue Model:

Uw Health Mytime has two sources of revenue: Personal Training and Consulting Services. These are charged on a pay-for-use basis. The transaction fees are determined by the business model or type of service provider.


There are several competitors found within the health and fitness industry. These include Bodybuilding.com, Myfitnesspal, Fitbit and many others. The most similar competitors to Uw Health Mytime can be identified on how they serve their customers and how they generate income from their services. On Bodybuilding.com, you can find a list of well-known fitness trainers where you can hire them for a certain period of time or pay on an hourly basis. On Fitbit, you can rent a Fitbit for only $5 per month for the first year and commits to purchasing one later on.

Key Differentiators:

Uw Health Mytime is a mobile application that provides you with fitness plans and guides. It also has personal coaches or trainers where you just pay as you use them which allows you to have a flexible type of payment scheme. Moreover, Uw Health Mytime has an online community that allows users to share their workout routines and find personal support from other members. Lastly, Uw Health Mytime offers the ability for one to sign up for group fitness classes such as Aqua Zumba. Hence, this sets it apart from its competitors in the sense that it caters to variety of customers by offering affordable plans for everyone’s budget with payment schemes that allow flexibility.


Uw Health Mytime has several advantages when compared to its competitors that include:

According to mHealth World, the health and fitness industry is expected to reach a value of $180 billion by 2017. In addition, there is a need for more than 100 million personal trainers in the U.S. As one can imagine that this industry is booming and it will be in high demand in the future. 

It will increase its revenue stream as well through its programs and services. It also facilitates marketing strategies especially through social media which is an emerging channel for businesses today. With the use of mobile applications, Uw Health Mytime can reach a wider audience from different demographics such as millennials, women and those who are busy with work or family obligations, and people who want to be more healthy and fit.


The barriers that Uw Health Mytime will encounter are mainly related to the failure of reaching its targeted market. This can be attributed to a discrepancy in the way it markets itself or the total marketing mix. For example, Uw Health Mytime does not have an exact target market which is why it is hard for them to pinpoint their audience, which makes it difficult for them to design a message that will address these groups positively. Besides, their competition have been in this industry for decades now, therefore their brand recognition and loyalty are much higher than Uw Health Mytime.


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