Out of all the tools in a masseur’s arsenal, there is nothing quite like the deep massage provided by a professional-grade Booster Mini. The best part about these devices is how easy they are to use: you simply plug them in and then apply them to your skin. It’s that simple!

Of course, not all massage guns are created equal — but we at New World Trading want you to be able to enjoy the many benefits of owning one without breaking your budget. Whether you are new to the massage world or are looking for something that does more of what you want, we have reviewed some of the best options on the market right now.

This article will evaluate the most popular massage guns on the market today, which also happens to be some of the more expensive devices available. These include:

The first step in evaluating these powerful massagers is by examining their individual functionality. I’ll start this section off by discussing how they work and how “deep” each type can go on your skin. From there, I’ll give you my personal recommendation on which one would work best for your specific needs.

I’ll also provide a link to a product page for each model so you can see the reviews and learn more about their features, specifications, and what other reviewers have to say about them.

CO2 Massage Guns: How They Work

Muscle compression is an ancient form of therapy that has been used since ancient times. It has been utilized by many different cultures around the world, from the ancient Greeks to the Native Americans. In fact, there are even references to this type of treatment in ancient Chinese texts! While modern technology has made other types of massage more accessible, a professional-grade massage gun is still one of the best treatments for deep muscle pain and soreness.

Most massage guns use carbon dioxide (CO2) to create deep tissue massage. CO2 is an odorless, colorless, and non-flammable gas that is typically stored in a pressurized container inside the massager. As you depress the trigger on the handle, it releases this pressurized gas onto your skin. The pressure of the gas forces it through small openings in the barrel, where it can make contact with your skin; this allows for a very fine, pinpointed massage on nearly any part of your body you choose to apply it to.

When high pressure is placed on our bodies, our muscles loosen up and become relaxed very quickly. This is why a massage with a massage gun feels so much deeper than one you can give yourself at home; the gas instantly relaxes the tired, sore muscles in your body.

Where You Can Use These Devices: Chest, back, neck, feet, and even your toenails! Some of these devices are designed to be placed against your skin to target specific areas of muscle and soft tissue; others simply offer a full-body massage.

The Benefits of a Pro-Grade Massage Gun

A professional-grade massage gun can be an extremely beneficial tool for anyone looking to relieve any type of muscle pain, discomfort, or even cramping. Some people use these devices on themselves, but the majority are purchasing them for professional therapists to use during their sessions.

These are some of the most popular benefits provided by massage guns:

1) The speed pressure settings allow you to control your massage experience. Not all massage guns offer this functionality, so it is important to purchase one that does! A convenient speed pressure setting can have you adjusting your massage pressure even while the device is being applied.

2) Some of these tools are designed to target specific areas of your body. Many are designed to massage the neck, back, feet, and even your toenails! You can also adjust some guns so that they work on your legs or arms.

3) Studies have shown that massage therapy is highly effective in treating many different types of pain. Back pain, stress-related pain, muscle soreness… even migraines have been known to be treated effectively with regular massages! The ease of use with these devices can help you treat some of your most common aches and pains yourself.

4) A professional-grade massage gun is very portable. A lot of massage gun models are about the size of your hand, so they can easily be taken with you on the go. This way, if you are traveling or just gone for an extended period of time, you can still receive some type of massage therapy to help reduce your muscle pain and stress.

5) Some gun models are designed to improve your blood flow and circulation. If you’re sore from working out or have been sitting at your desk all day long, this can help increase blood flow to areas that may be lacking oxygen.


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