There are a few different types of devices that fall under the category of walking aids. They include manual wheelchairs like used crutches for sale near me, electric wheelchairs with built-in motors, and battery operated scooters. If you have any questions about these products or their features, we listed some FAQs below to help you out!

FAQ #1: What is a manual wheelchair?

A manual wheelchair is the most basic type of walking aid and it’s also the easiest to use. It comes in two models – one that locks in place with forward propulsion and another that’s more maneuverable thanks to swivel casters at both axles. 

FAQ #2: What is a battery operated scooter?

A battery powered scooter is a modern, lightweight, hard-shell device that allows you to move around faster and go longer distances. This mobility tool features a larger seat and has an ergonomic handlebar position with two brakes at the front wheels. 

FAQ #3: What is an electric wheelchair with a built-in motor?

An electric wheelchair with built-in motor is the most expensive type of walking aid available. Because of its relatively high price tag, they usually come in higher-end models and are also sturdy enough to last for many years. 

FAQ #4: What are the features of a battery operated scooter?

A battery operated scooter comes in two different models. The first one is the classic device that has front and rear wheels. The second model is the close-coupled one that has an independent front wheel. 

FAQ #5: When should I call a walker or wheelchair?

You can call a walker or wheelchair if you have difficulty walking short distances, going uphill, moving around inside your home, and traveling in tight spaces like on subway cars. 

FAQ #6: How can I choose the right walker/wheelchair?

Both walkers and wheelchairs come with either padded surfaces or hard leather seat covers. Because of the wide range of choices available, you can find a device that meets your needs. You may also want to consult with a personal mobility professional to learn how to use various devices.

FAQ #7: How do I measure a wheelchair?

The first step in measuring a wheelchair is to determine its seat width and depth. Specifically, you want it to be at least as wide as one hip and as deep as two or three inches shorter than your shoulder length. The height should be two inches shorter than the user’s total height from floor to shoulder.

FAQ #8: How much do wheelchairs weigh?

Most wheelchairs range between 20 and 40 pounds, but there are some lightweight models available as well. Just be sure to check the weight capacity rating before purchasing a product. While inspecting the wheelchair’s features, you also want to see if it has a built-in jack or lift so that you can move it around using a standard step stool.

Few walking aid companies are:

1. Stride Rite 

Stride Rite is a multinational company providing products for the mobility needs of people with disabilities. For over 100 years, Stride Rite has been dedicated to making life better for individuals with limits. 

2. Slingshot 

Sling Shot is a leading supplier of mobility products including wheelchairs, scooters and powered wheelchairs with both manual and electric motors. I have also interviewed CEO Michael Guggenbichler about the company’s future plans in this industry. 

3. Halcyon Health Enterprises 

Halcyon Health Enterprises is a national company based in San Diego that manufactures and distributes wheelchairs, walkers, wheeled accessories and mobility aids including seat covers and bars. I have also interviewed the company’s CEO Michael Guggenbichler.


JERRICK MEDICAL is a national supplier of quality, customizable wheelchairs and other mobility aids designed to provide independence to individuals with debilitating conditions such as: spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and more. I also interviewed JERRICK MEDICAL’s President and COO Rick Gerber about this company in my article on this subject.

5. Mobility Solutions International 

Mobility Solutions International is a pioneer in the development and distribution of safety chairs for children. I have also interviewed the company’s CEO, Jonathan Snell about this subject.

6. ZR Innovations 

ZR Innovations is a national company that manufactures custom wheelchairs and mobility devices to help individuals with disabilities along their journey to independence. I have interviewed ZR Innovations’ CEO Bob McElroy about this product as well.

7. Hi-Tech Mobility 

Hi-Tech Mobility is a national supplier of quality durable wheelchairs and walkers, including aluminum walkers, powered wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories and many other mobility products designed to aid people with disabilities ranging from physical limitations to mobility challenges.

8. Able Life 

Able Life is a major supplier of manual and electric wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories, walkers, mobility scooters and related products for people with disabilities. I have also interviewed the company’s CEO Darren McPherson about this subject.


Whether you need to replace your current wheelchair, scooter or walker or simply want to upgrade it with a newer model, we hope that this article helped you learn a few things about these devices. Now that you are more knowledgeable about these mobility aids, consider getting one for yourself or for an elderly relative and enjoy your new device!


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