Borderlands 2 is an awesome first-person shooter RPG that has captured many gamers’ hearts since it was released in 2012 by publisher 2K Games for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Borderlands 2 natural selection annex is being released on the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 in 2014. There are a few tips and tricks here to help you enjoy the game more, so sit tight, take a few deep breaths and let’s have some fun!

The 10 Secrets You Will Never Know About Borderlands 2 :

1. You will be more powerful if you level up

If you’ve played the game, you know that the higher your level, the more powerful enemies become. However, experience points don’t actually increase your character’s capabilities. Instead, they’re tied to weapons and gear. So even though you’re using a weaker weapon at lower levels, its high enough level that it has more than enough stat bonuses to counter being weaker in relation to other weapons of similar class. The trick is keeping track of how frequently you get new weapons and upgrading them accordingly.

2. Leveling up isn’t as meaningful as it seems

Leveling up can increase your damage output for a short time, but eventually any damage bonus disappears. This is because you still use the same weapon at all times. Additionally, the game has a level cap that you cannot reach. Therefore, if you really want to get to the end of a level, you have to kill every enemy within that level which becomes exceptionally difficult.

3. You can carry multiple weapons at a time without penalty

You can carry up to 3 weapons at one time in your inventory without any penalties stacking up. In fact, you can even go over the limit and still use them. Just make sure that you don’t leave any on the ground because it will be lost when you die. It’s best to store weapons in your backpack just in case you need to switch between two or more weapons but don’t risk losing any of them if you teleport.

4. You can upgrade your weapons up to T9

T9 is a special level above the level cap that each weapon has when it is fully upgraded (it goes up to T9). At this point, it ceases to become weaker as well as having additional stats bonuses which makes it far more powerful than T8 and below.

5. Modifications are crucial for your weapon upgrades

For every weapon, there are modifications that can further enhance its attack power. The higher the level of the modification, the better your weapons become. However, modding is costly and may not always be worth it especially at lower levels.

6. The inventory has limited space depending on the character class you choose

The inventory space on a specific character depends on which class you choose because each one has different stats boosts that affect how much room you have in your backpack. Therefore, if you need more space for carrying items or weapons, it’s best to consider a different character class or don’t hoard anything in that case.

7. There is a small chance that you can get an item named “Loot” at the end of most levels

Pick it up and see what you get, chances are it will be a random piece of equipment or a collectible that has no use but to decorate your inventory. If you ever decide to sell weapons, make sure you sell all loot first and then whatever’s left over. This will allow you to maximize your profits.

8. You only need one skill point to unlock a skill

At lower ranks, you can unlock new skills by getting enough levels. However, at higher ranks your character caps out at level 50 and therefore all skills are automatically unlocked as soon as you reach that level. This means that for every 10 levels that you get in the game, you will gain one skill point which is enough to unlock any single-skill points necessary to upgrade any of your existing skills.

9. PvP is of secondary importance to PvE

The premium versions of Borderlands 2 have dedicated servers that support continuous PVP, but this feature requires many difficulties on your end: your player must have certain character classes and melee weapons with different prefixes. Even if you do get all the requirements, this mode requires a steady Internet connection and a good ping.

10. “Gear Score” is hidden away in the game (it doesn’t actually exist!)

You won’t be able to see it anywhere in the game but it will impact your character’s statistics which means it’s important to know that it exists.


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