Tartaros vault was supposed to be the final resting place of the very souls of all living beings. 

But there is one thing that comes to mind that is much better than a nice stay in heaven: Cerberos, his dutiful watchdog.”

Tartaros Vault- taking cerberos for a walk – Immortal Fenyx

The course didn’t take long before it descended into an ever increasing maze. Now I don’t know what exactly came to mind when they designed this course, but it’s definitely not walking through a maze like this for leisure. 

That kind of defeats the whole point about learning about Tartarus just as it did for me. Looking backwards, the only time I’ve ever been here is for a test.

 It made all the difference in my opinion that I was already familiar with every area of Tartarus, as well as every monster inside, which was also not the case this time around.”

1. The first stage of the labyrinth.

It was around a large pool with different lanes winding upwards towards multiple holes. 

In this maze, you could change your direction by crossing lanes, but I quickly learned that if you did so, you would be met with a barrage of fireballs from the ceilings.

 I didn’t have time to check every single lane to see if there were any monsters within before running past them regardless.”

The first stage was pretty much a test for the trainers as well because there are many holes that can be used for passing through or finding their paths among the maze.

 Occasionally we would find dark blue cobras coming out of their holes and biting us on our backs!”

2. Heading upwards from the first floor.

We got to the second level where there were arrows on the ground. The arrows would disappear as soon as you stood on them. 

Stepping off them made you fall into a pit that was deeper than I had anticipated.”

In Tartarus, you can use these holes to move above or below lanes, but you are surrounded by walls and there were two trainers that were chasing me!”

At this point in time, I had no knowledge of my surroundings. I couldn’t really see anything because of all the fog that was surrounding me. 

But when things got a little too dangerous and I was cornered by two trainers at once, I was forced to make a decision. 

One of my legs was already caught in the hole because of the walls on the sides and the fact that I had just stepped off a disappearing arrow. 

So I guess you could say that I had to choose between life and death, literally.”

3. Being surrounded by the two trainers and a team mate.

I couldn’t see what was happening because of the fog, but I could hear my heart beating, pumping blood through my veins. 

It was loud enough that you could hear it even over the screams of my enemy. My teammate had rushed in to help me, but he wasn’t able to do much because he was ambushed by my pursuers. 

So now I was alone and had no idea what was going on around me.”

The fog in this stage of the maze is extremely thick as if your senses have been impaired and you are blind. But I am not one to be so easily beaten. 

I have trained for years to come face to face with these trials and would not accept defeat. 

I rushed over the walls and in doing so, met a familiar face of an enemy that had tried every day to kill me. I will not let him get the best of me twice.”

4. Taking on an old enemy on the second floor.

The maze continued climbing upwards, but there was something different about this floor. The walls were thinner and if you looked closely at them, you could see the bones of a creature prancing along behind them.”

I did not see what it was, but I could tell by its movement that it wasn’t human or monster in nature.”

5. Remaining on this floor.

The seventh floor was the last one I had to go through in order to finally reach the goal. 

It was actually the first chance I had to rest, but it was also the last chance for my enemy to get some payback.”

The maze crawled up and up, slowly but surely leaving me feeling more and more exhausted. 

The only thing that kept me going was the thought of finally reaching my goal to find out if there really is an end to this place.”

I made it back home safe and sound, but that didn’t mean I was entirely happy with myself either. 

With my whole team, I was able to beat that level by ourselves. But what kind of show were we putting on for the people of Pandora?

 Among them were also a bunch of men and women that I had known my whole life. But I guess at this point in time, it didn’t matter.”


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