Reddit is a social media website where people share links and text for the ultimate in news and information. Here’s a quick guide to stay up to date about what’s going on reddit. Types of subreddits:

– A subreddit is a forum dedicated to one subject, created by its members.

– NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – This is the default setting that all new submissions go into, so any link submitted here must be safe for work.

– AMA (Ask Me Anything) – An ‘Ask me anything’ thread where anyone can answer questions directly posed to them by other discussion members or a guest poster who has been invited by an existing discussion member..

The top minds of reddit with the sub-reddit :

1. Technology:

 – This subreddit is a place to discuss the latest news, trends, discussions and all sorts of things related to technology.

– Technology is a disambiguation page that lists articles associated with the title Technology. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

– Today’s technology news: innovative ways of doing things through technology (robotics).

– The news subreddit: a source for news and stories about reddit itself.

– A community for discussing building and creating on/with computer hardware, software, electronics projects and more.

2. Business:

– This subreddit is a place to discuss business and the economy, as well as other topics like current events and the stock market.

– Business and economy – News, politics and companies with deep ties to the history of capitalism.

– A place for news about startups, entrepreneurs, business ideas, investing t Making money through various mediums – Work for it or quit your day job!

– Digg users are passionate about keeping on top of the latest breaking news in business. They read through all the big daily publications to get a comprehensive view on what’s new in their industry. They also post updates onto their front page daily.

3. Technology & Science:

– This subreddit is a place to discuss everything related to the life science, technology and science.

– The two are inseparable and logical, with technology allowing humans to do more in terms of research and innovation. Science in turn is used to facilitate development in all the sectors of our lives from medicine and medicine to engineering, computer science and much more. This subreddit is for those who want to remain top of mind about what’s happening in the world we live in.

– The place to discuss the latest happenings in technology, science and beyond.

– Where the scientific community gets together to share research, news, their work, discoveries and opinions with everyone else.

– For science enthusiasts who want to stay up to date about the latest advancements in technology, science and medicine.

– Scientists from around the world offer a window into their lives and research routines on this subreddit.

– This sub discussion forum is devoted to all things related to space exploration and astronomy.

4. Health:

– This subreddit is a place to discuss health and fitness related topics.

– For those who are interested in the latest health, fitness and nutrition news and research.

– You’ll find discussions related to all things linked to health, medicine, dieting, exercise, vitamins and supplements.

– Being fit is incredibly important for your health and well being … but picking up that gym membership can be expensive! So this subreddit manages to keep all things related to fitness fairly updated without costing you a penny. The forum also has links for all things related to bodybuilding as well as links for all other forms of physical activity. It is a place to discuss the issues related to obesity and diet.

– This subreddit is a place to discuss all things related to health. Healthy eating, staying fit and a healthy lifestyle are topics on the agenda here.

– Fitness, nutrition and health articles from around the web, on any topic that fits – fitness for fat loss, muscle gain etc…

– All about nutrition: myths, studies, diets and general knowledge about what you’re putting in your mouth.

– A place where people can find news and in-depth information about health related issues across a range of medical fields.

– This subreddit is a place to discuss news in the medical industry.

5. Literature:

– This subreddit is a place to discuss anything related to books and reading, writing, publishing and all other forms of creative expression.

– These people believe that everyone should have the opportunity to read and write. Not only can this be for enjoyment purposes but for some it can also help improve their lives, as well as giving them confidence or entertaining them in some way.

– This is a forum dedicated to literature (stories).

– Topics include all things related to novels, short stories, poetry and plays.

– Your source for the latest in book reviews, news and discussions about contemporary fiction.


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