One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when beginning your own farm is a good name. 

Not just for your farm, but for the animals, for yourself, and for what you’re going to grow. We have gathered the best examples of names from stardew valley farm names so that you may choose wisely.

1: Craftsman’s Market 

This name would be appropriate for a shop selling supplies or produce. It could also work as an homage to Alan Rickman’s character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (who was named “Bruce”). 

2: Cloverfield Farm 

Cloverfield is a fictional American movie from 2008 that is set in New York City during an alien invasion. 

The film was met with mixed reviews, but there is no denying that the name fits perfectly on a farm.

3: Green Acres Farm 

You remember this show right? The quintessential sitcom about a city guy moving to the country.

 This would be an appropriate name for a very large and successful farm. With lots of green acres. 

4: Cluck Cluck Farm 

Every farmer loves chicken, and there’s nothing more satisfying than piling them up in a pen and listening to their chirping sounds. 

A fun name in line with the rest of Stardew Valley names that is perfect for poultry farmers. If you’re not into poultry this could work for any farm with lots of chickens.

5: Iridium Valley Farm 

The rarest ore in the game besides the unobtainable Stardrop. The name is perfect for a farm that has a lot of Iridium but not much else. 

Selling iridium would also be good, but it seems to have no effect on your profit margin. Might as well just sell it as a status symbol and let others know you’re rich enough to produce it on your own farmland.

6: Paradise Farm 

If you’ve got a good chunk of Iridium, why not go balls out and call it Paradise? Fits especially well if you have fruit trees and the ability to buy sprinklers and make your own pond like some sort of Farmer Jesus.

7: Red or Dead Farm 

A pun on the well known football chant, Red or Dead would be a good name for a very successful farm with lots of iridium and everything else. 

You could also call it Iridium Valley if you want to play it safe.

8: Miller’s Farm 

Instead of Miller’s Pond, Miller’s Farm. Simple, but gives a nice vibe to the overall farm name. It is especially good for raspberry/grape farmers that want to show off their produce without sounding too pretentious.

9: The Prime Minister 

This would be good for a very large farm that has all the resources you could ever need. 

It also doubles as a tip of the hat to the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. Who? Exactly.

10: Smith’s Farm 

As in Mr. Smith- presumably a fellow who was too busy farming to find a wife and raise some children. 

Possibly your character if you choose to play as a bachelor. A good name for those who want to live on the outskirts of Pelican Town, far away from all the drama that comes with it.

11: Old MacDonald 

This one is for all the animal-lovers out there. You know exactly what it would look like, and it would be a good name for a small farm where you have time to spend with each of your animals.

 You could also use this for crops that you tend to yourself rather than hiring someone else to do it, like in Stardew Valley. 

This name has always been a top favorite and will probably never be unseated by something else. No matter how many different farm names you’ve gathered, you’ll still find Old MacDonald’s Farm more charming than all the rest.

12: A Mysterious Farm 

This is one that’s easy to overlook in your search for the perfect farm name, but it has lots of potential. 

Why not make something out of it: a mystery that people could ponder when they have time to kill? 

13: The Mallard Farm 

The mallard duck sounds like a good fit for a farm whose only purpose is to grow and sell pumpkins. 

For those who are more into dogs, this could also work as The Corgi Farm or The Spaniel Farm. It’s up to you. 

This should be used in the future by any farm that makes their money from selling pumpkins.

14: The Farm That Time Forgot 

A bit of a stretch, but an appropriate name for a small farm that doesn’t get much sun. It could also be used as a pun on the word “Forgotten.” 

In other words: a farm that is forgotten about by people. 


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