Sogecoin is an innovative decentralized social network for developing communities. It is a coin made to incentivize on-platform activity, as well as, an open source codebase meant for others to build upon. This complete ecosystem will evolve into a community of many users and projects working together towards a brighter future.

Sogecoin is an innovative decentralized social network that rewards its users for active participation in its development. The SoGECoin network will be used to pay for online fees, as well as, reward content creators. The community will vote on future changes and community proposals..

About SOGE Coin :

1.  History : 

SOGE Coin was first conceptualized in August 2016 when its founder Tsye joined a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts on Telegram to discuss an idea for a new crypto-asset. He observed that even though there were a large number of crypto-assets being launched, the majority of them had little use and had questionable monetary value.

2.  Function : 

SOGE Coin will provide value by using incentives to encourage usage, growth and new innovative ideas from the SoGE community. The network will drive adoption, growth and increase in usage for its members (users) through social validation and reputation rewards.

3. Features :

• Support for unlimited social media accounts with multiple identities. This will allow users to create separate profiles on the blockchain, giving everyone an opportunity to use SoGE as a vehicle for secure storage and access of personal information 

• SoGEcoin is a coin that is based on the ERC20 standard and can be used on any Ethereum wallet. SOGE Coin can be used to transfer value securely between users by using smart contracts. As the name implies, SOGE are smart contracts that are secured via identity verification and approval from the network only when approved by consensus within the user’s community .

4. Rewards :

• SoGEcoin is a token that lets users earn rewards by becoming active in the SoGE community. The more they participate, the more they earn. Rewards include Steem, Ethereum, fiat currencies and SoGEcoin.

5. Income Source :

Users can use their SoGEcoins to post high quality content with the goal of being rewarded by users who view or vote for their content creating a system of incentives that entices users to be active and engaged within the community creating value for everyone involved through increased adoption and usage .

6. Future & Roadmap :

We plan to develop a privacy-based messaging platform linked to our blockchain through Steemconnect. This will allow private messaging services like Diaspora* and Whisper outside the reach of surveillance agencies (in other words, an international alternative to Apples iMessage). We are also looking at a more direct monetary reward system for users who create value.

7. Technology :

We are using the ERC20 standard, which allows anyone to develop smart contracts and exchange tokens across any Ethereum wallet. The SoGE blockchain is built on top of the Ethereum platform allowing for easy integration of new features in the future. We are developing the blockchain in Solidity, a programming language that’s easier to write smart contracts in than Solidity.

8. Team :

Tsye is the founder of SOGE Coin and it’s non-technical operations and CEO. He is an expert on complex technological issues and has written extensively on decentralization, blockchain, privacy and security. He has experience working with various businesses on product development, management and integration of emerging technologies. Tsye is a graduate of the University of California (Davis), where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Environmental Policy & Planning with a minor in Mathematics & Computer Science [and participated in club gymnastics].

9. Roadmap :

We have already released the public beta of SoGE as a web application that anyone can use. In the coming months we will be developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS based on feedback from users. We expect to release the mobile app sometime in Q3 2018.

We are also continuing to develop the blockchain in parallel to our product development. We have already implemented user identities and basic voting functionality into the blockchain. We hope to have a test net (which includes the blockchain and SoGEcoin) available at some point in Q2 2018.

10. SOGE Token :

We will be releasing the first batch of SOGE Tokens at the end of Q2 2018. These tokens will only be available to our initial users, as well as, anyone who is a developer or an investor in our token sale. Once these tokens are released, all new users will be able to obtain SOGE tokens through usernames and private keys. This is something we hope to have completed by Q3 2018.


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