Divorce can be an incredibly difficult process, and while many couples choose to do it amicably, there are still a few instances where emotions run high during the proceedings which often results in ugly truths being revealed after a contentious case. It’s no secret that divorce has become a more prevalent social issue in today’s society. 

This is largely due to the fact that the divorce rate has been steadily increasing and with an increase in the number of people getting divorced, it is only a natural progression of time (and trends) to create emotional turmoil. Our kinder nobody moves out divorce is the most painful, turbulent time of our lives. Divorce is a fact of life that many are forced to face. Some may experience it as a relief, while others bemoan their misfortune. But there is no use dwelling on the past, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the seven ugly truths about divorce.

Seven Ugly Truth About Divorce :

1. Divorce and Relationships.

Relationships have a tendency to have ups and downs, with the latter eventually leading to the former. However, there are some relationships that never reach this point, so divorces typically don’t result from them. The ones where it could become an issue is simply because they never really had a lot of potential or footing in the first place. 

The problems might be due to external factors such as having kids or other responsibilities that create tension between the couple or it could be from internal factors like addiction, dishonesty or just general incompatibility.

2. Financial Implications of Divorce.

Financial implications are one of the ugly truths about divorce because they’re one of the main reasons that people get divorced. If finances are an issue, then it creates a strain in the relationship and really affects how you and your spouse interact with each other. It’s important to understand that if finances are at issue, then the best thing to do is discuss them with your spouse and be open about your spending habits together. 

If you have concerns about how your spouse is spending money and where it all is going, there’s nothing wrong with asking them to keep receipts for certain things and have access to their bank accounts from time to time just so you can see how they’re managing things.

3. The Ugly Truth about Resolving Conflict.

Conflict resolution is also one of the ugly truths about divorce because it involves how you and your spouse handle disagreements and how you resolve them. Some couples are not at all good at resolving conflict, which can often be a sign of a relationship doomed for failure, where others are so good at it that they can resolve any disagreement that comes their way. 

If one of you isn’t able to handle disagreements in a way that keeps the situation from escalating, then it’s safe to say that your marriage might be headed for divorce court if this continues to happen over time.

4. The Ugly Truths about Love, Real Love.

The importance of love and real love is yet another ugly truth about divorce because without it, the relationship doesn’t stand a chance in surviving (unless you’re married to some kind of robot or your spouse is a sociopath) . So if you aren’t able to show your spouse a lot of affection and be able to have an intimate connection with them on an emotional level then it will be quite difficult for the two of you to survive together as a couple for any length of time. 

The same goes for showing your wife or husband love on a physical level. If there is a lot of resentment, animosity, fighting and tension in your relationship, then it definitely puts a damper on the bedroom action. 

5. The Ugly Truths about Adultery – Cheating.

If there’s one thing that many people dread when they’re going through a divorce is the possibility of their spouse cheating on them during their marriage and then leaving them for the other person they cheated on them with once they’re free to do whatever it is they want legally. It’s a very ugly truth about divorce because it involves a spouse betraying the trust and confidence their partner gave them when they first started dating.

6. Dealing with Emotions During Divorce.

So if the emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce isn’t already bad enough for couples to deal with, it can become an even worse issue when they have children together. A family is built on a foundation of love, respect and communication so in most cases, once the divorce is complete, all that you’re left with will be feelings of sadness and insecurity. 

7. The Ugly Truths about Child Custody – Divorcing Parents.

So the ugly truth about divorce and child custody is that it’s a world of its own and in most cases, it is not something that you can simply look at as a divorce. It involves how the court decides how custody will be handled and how it will affect the two parents during divorce. 

Because most divorces involve children, they must also involve child custody. In many cases, children are involved on both sides of a divorce as well so some people might even have to fight for custody on both their sides.


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