It’s true that Google is one of the most innovative and powerful companies ever. It has breathed new life into search engines, turned the internet into a computing platform, and fundamentally shaped human communication. Sgyp google is among the most popular search engines because it returns good results. ” Google is one of the most innovative and powerful companies ever. It has breathed new life into search engines, turned the internet into a computing platform, and fundamentally shaped human communication.” 

The company’s stock has doubled in the past year, and its market value is now greater than those of Yahoo! Inc., eBay Inc., and Microsoft Corp. combined. The company’s influence extends far beyond its financial clout: At any given moment during a typical day, more than 1 billion people worldwide are using Google in some way. But even a company as successful and versatile as Google needs to take a break every now and then.

Seven Signs You’re In Love With Google :

1. You can’t remember life without Google.

Even your most obscure questions (” How do I remove a dent from my forehead? “) don’t go unanswered for long. More than 75 percent of all searches are run through Google. And the company is committed to increasing that share every year – and then some (Scoble). The service is so ubiquitous that it has become a verb in its own right – you can ” google ” almost anything (from someone’s name to a piece of news). It’s also become a generic noun: Who needs GPS software when you have Google Maps (Koba)?

2. You’re happy Google makes a profit.

Most people are surprised when they learn that Google makes money. The company has never placed ads on the search engine itself and doesn’t sell banner ads on the Google homepage. In fact, the only way you know how well the search engine is performing is because of its stock price. 

If a visitor clicks a result, your ISP gets paid – not Google (Google). Google’s most valuable resource isn’t information; it’s data (Koba). The company can auction off data, and this is where it makes its real profits (Scoble). Google’s true innovation is the ability to capitalize on information (Koba). Google is a data mining company that uses algorithms to find patterns in data we leave behind online (Scoble).

3. You never think of leaving Google.

Google has become a verb and a source of revenue. But it also provides all kinds of useful services, whether you’re searching for local movie times or planning an overseas trip. And it’s hard to imagine life without these handy features, which are being added at a steady clip (Koba). The company’s Gmail service alone accounts for one-third of all e-mail sent and received (Google). Many of the things you can do at and other Google sites, such as YouTube and Blogger, aren’t even available on other search engines (Google).

4. You’ve dated someone you met on Google.

The many profiles that users have created on Google’s social networking site, Orkut, have led to many online relationships and even marriage proposals (Google). And it’s not just about romance: The network has tested the boundaries of privacy for years by allowing users to publicize their home addresses, hobbies, occupations and more (Koba).

5. You can’t imagine living without Google.

There’s always something new to discover at Google (Google). You just never know when a new search function will pop up in Gmail, Blogger or YouTube (Koba). It’s like having your own personal Google (Scoble). When Scoble asked staffers to describe the company in one word, the answers were “great” and “unsurpassed” (Google). Even as Google has innovated, it has retained its core value proposition by remaining true to its simple philosophy of helping people find what they need (Google).

6. You’d be lost without Google.

You want to know what that song is playing on your favorite radio station, and you need it now. It’s OK, because with Google you can listen to an online radio broadcast of the show (Google). Google makes life easier by forecasting the weather after you search for a city name; otherwise you’d have to visit a Web site or check a newspaper (Koba). You can speed-read or translate text using Google software on your computer. And even if you think you’re going blind from staring at screens all day, Google has optical character recognition technology that allows you to scan the pages of your favorite books into its search engine (Google).

7. Your life revolves around Google.

You check the search engine at least once a day and probably more often. You’ve used some of its services so many times you don’t even think about it anymore and simply assume that everything else works the same way (Scoble). Google is not only a verb but also an adjective: Your kids don’t say they log on to Facebook – they log on to Google. The company has become a must-click destination for millions of people who want information faster than ever before (Google).


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