In the United States, we are so focused on getting the best deal with things that we forget to take care of ourselves and our family. And then people start blaming themselves not just for not looking after themselves properly but also for not being able to afford healthy food. Here is a list of many reasons why it would be better if more people in the USA were willing to eat healthier food. Hopefully these seven reasons provide some insight into what’s wrong with our current system and how we can fix it by choosing to eat healthier foods.Uconn health center blackboard  is a great place for research papers.

Seven Reasons Why Healthy Food Is Not Common In USA :

1. Dirty Meat from Industrial Farms :

In the USA we have a lot of industrial farms, they concentrate on producing meat as fast as they can at the lowest costs. This means that animals are kept in cramped and dirty conditions, fed only with food that is most cost efficient and almost nothing else. Since all this grain is not natural for animals, it means that their own bodies reject it, which means that the animal’s digestive system is filled with bacteria. 

The bacteria finds its way into the meat and sometimes people get sick from eating chicken or beef. And believe me I do not mean just sometimes.. You can find out more about this issue by watching Food Inc- A documentary film about how our food supply is being controlled by industrial farms.

2. Overmedication :

In the USA, doctors are overmedicated. They are prescribed many items that can cause serious side effects. For example if you have a fever, you will take an antibiotic to prevent infection, but it might kill all the good bacteria in your body because of the immense pressure. This is why it is better to take a supplement that contains some bacteria back into your body and actually make sure that everything is working normally again.

3. Obesity is the New Norm :

Not only is obesity becoming the norm in the USA but it is also making people more and more unhealthy. One of the main reasons behind obesity becoming so common is that companies are trying to make their products cheaper and less healthy. This means that processed food is getting more popular and it often has added sugar which makes you fat. So, try to limit your sugar consumption if you really want to lose some weight, begin by reading ingredients labels. If you do not understand them, just google those words and you will find out what they are made of.

4. Unhealthy Lifestyles :

People nowadays do not work out and eat unhealthy foods. They usually do not care about their lives and they live without any goals or plans. Unfortunately this means that they go to the doctor more often than they used to and also experience some serious health problems as a result. 

Try to avoid living like this because this is not how you are supposed to live life, if you want a healthy lifestyle then you have to put effort into it. One way of doing it is by joining a gym so that at least you can get some exercise from time to time, even if it is just walking on a treadmill.

5. More Unknown Ingredients :

When people buy food in the supermarket they are not even sure what they are eating. This is because of a lack of regulation in the USA. We can actually find out more information about ingredients in our food by going on the internet and looking for “ingredients to avoid” or “what is that ingredient”, but this is recommended for adults as most of us will not know what it is. 

So, we are hence using labels that tell us about some major ingredients, but not about all ones, which means most people will still be none the wiser about what’s really inside their food.

6. Overmedicated Food :

This one applies to adults but not children who do not have this problem yet. We drink a lot of water and we are advised to drink 8 glasses of water per day, which is very important for our bodies. But unfortunately most of us do not. Most people only drink about 2 or 3 glasses, which means that we are not taking in enough water and our bodies are running low on it. 

If you begin to feel dehydrated then try drinking more water but also try some supplements like the Restore supplement that contains essential oils together with herbs. This will help you to feel better and will give a boost to your immune system.

7. Cholesterol Myth :

A lot of people believe that cholesterol is bad for them. And this means that they stop eating healthy foods and start buying meat with less fat, milk with little fat and many other products like this. Unfortunately what they do not realize is that ‘good’ cholesterol is actually just as important as ‘bad’ cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps your body to make new cells and it also works in the same way as bad cholesterol does. This makes a lot of people fall sick because they forget to eat healthy food after all this confusing information.


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