Ever wonder how many records set by Guinness would have to be broken one after the other to cause a whirlwind? Wonder no more! We made an infographic and snagged seven of the most ridiculous, cool, and downright absurd records that Guinness has ever certified. Whether you’re a Guinness fanatic, someone with a flair for the record, or an everyday person with a lot of time on their hands, this list should have something that you’ve always wanted to try. The Guinness World Records has been around for over a century, celebrated for the outlandish records that it validates. Some of these are impressive and commendable achievements, but others have taken the whole enterprise way too far.

So kick back and get out your notepad. As we count down the top 7 world records that Guinness has certified, check out the infographic below! Guinness icc 2015 was held at Dublin’s IBEC on Guinness Storehouse. On the occasion of this Guinness World Records’ (GWR) 50th anniversary, Dr. Craig Glenday, GWR’s Editor-in-Chief unveiled the new book ‘GWR50: The Book of Fastest, Highest and Longest’ at the event.

Here are some Guinness World Records :

1. World’s Tallest Tree

The tallest individual tree in the world is a coniferous cedar tree in Winter, Wyoming, United States. It is 9.42 meters (31 ft 7.79 in) tall (c. 27 October 2011). At this height, it beats a previous record set by a mountain pine of 8 meters (26 ft 9 in) on 11 January 2011 and beats any other tree known to science by at least 10 m. It is not yet beyond question if this record will stand and we may be looking at being dethroned by Mother Nature soon!

2. World’s Largest Mosquito Magnet

The Giant Mosquito is a giant male mosquito of the species Culex pipiens (also known as the common house mosquito), which can grow to over 2 cm in length and 5 grams in weight and has been found in the United States. It is North America’s largest mosquito, larger than other members of its genus, but smaller than most other species of Culex. The Giant Mosquito averages 60 millimeters (~2.4 in) in length and can be up to 2 centimeters (0.79 in) long.

3. World’s Tallest Christmas Tree

The tallest living Christmas tree ever was a 115.8-foot (35 m) spruce tree that grew in KrkonoŇ°e mountains in the Czech Republic until it was cut down by an individual known only as “The Harvester” on 23 August 2013 to make way for an observation tower to attract tourists. The tallest artificial Christmas tree is 41 meters high, which was erected during the 2011/2012 season in Landquart, Switzerland, and became the official largest Christmas tree by Guinness World Records on 31 December 2011.

4. World’s Largest Ribbon

The world’s largest ribbon was set at the Guinness plant in St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland on 15 April 2009, when it was measured at 2,540 miles (4,055 km) long and 13 feet (4 m) wide. The ribbon was made from recycled Guinness beer bottles, and is nearly four times longer than the previous longest ribbon (700 m (2,300 ft)) set in June 2008 for the London Olympic bid. The Guinness World Record ribbon was unveiled on 18 April 2009 at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

5. World’s Largest Carp Overboard

For a brief period in December 2010, a giant koi carp called Goldie was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest living fish. The fish weighed in at a massive 91 pounds (41 kg) and measured nearly 4.7 ft (145 cm). Unfortunately, this record was very short-lived, as in May 2011 Goldie died of cancer. He stood at a minimum height of 4.17 ft (120 cm) and a maximum of 4.31 ft (130 cm).

6. World’s Largest Book

The Guinness World Record book is the largest written book ever published. It consists of 24 volumes (11 inches), each measuring 16 inches tall by 11 inches wide and weighing just under 5 pounds each. The book was first published on November 11, 1955, with a first printing run of 600 copies and an initial cost of $400 ($9,500 in 2015).

7. World’s Longest Last Name

The longest surname recorded in the United States belongs to a person with the last name Lee who resides in Lexington, Kentucky. It consists of 54 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. The record was awarded to “Lee” on January 18, 2009 by the Guinness Book of World Records.


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