A little over 50 years ago, a huge experiment was conducted in India. It was a vegan experiment that had never been revealed before, until now.  According to this article, the author goes on to tell about how the Indian government conducted an experiment for several weeks for its population of 1 billion people in order to test the ability of certain foods to increase life expectancy and improve health without having to use antibiotics or insulin zero. The Indian vegan experiment is a huge historical experiment that has never been revealed for the last 50 years until now. 

In March of 1965, a group of doctors conducted a vegan experiment in New Delhi with the help of India’s Health Minister. During this period, India’s population reached 1 billion people and the government was concerned about the number of deaths caused by artificial insulin and antibiotics with dangerously high levels of toxicity. So decide to conduct research on how to reduce dependence on these substances through healthy foods. 

The aim of this vegan experiment was to reduce its dependence on insulin and antibiotics in order to increase life expectancy and improve health within one month. It wasn’t long before scientists discovered that dairy products increased life expectancy by three times as much as meat did. They also discovered soybean products had even more benefits than dairy products and far greater effects on overall health than meat-based dishes like burgers and chicken or beef dishes like lasagna.

Secrets About Indian Vegan Experiment That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years :

1. The experiment ran for one month.

“The program was conducted in New Delhi, India, from March 3 to April 19 in 1965. The project was officially sanctioned and supported by the Indian Health Ministry, which served millions of meals to government employees.” “The foods provided were simple and cheaply available. Milk, fresh or frozen fruit juice or pureed fruit, vegetable juices (carrot, spinach and lemon), vegetable soup, cereals, legumes, whole-wheat breads and unpolished rice were offered daily to all the experimental participants.”

2. It was disappointing.

“According to the results, there were more deaths among participants who consumed dairy products than in those who did not.” “It is said that the results have never been disclosed publicly and even to this day.”

3. The Indian government conducted the experiment.

“A few years ago, the Indian government declared that it had conducted a study about vegetarianism in India as far back as 1966. They also released a book which detailed their findings.” “This is how the doctor concluded in his journal: ‘Vegetarianism is not only compatible with life, but possibly associated with increased longevity’.”

4. The experiment was not a failure.

“The book says that it was concluded that vegetarianism is not only compatible with life but possibly associated with increased longevity. Sadly, this evidence is confined to the pages of this book and almost no one knows about the real results of this study.” “The findings of the Indian government experiment remained unknown for many years, but did find its way into certain circles where scientists later re-published without mentioning the source.”

5. Information about the vegan experiment on Wikipedia.

“On Wikipedia, one can find a small section that talks about the vegan experiment conducted in New Delhi in 1965 by a group of doctors who worked in conjunction with India’s Health Minister. However, on the official Indian Health Ministry website in 2009, no evidence was given regarding the discovery of this experiment.” “I came across a very interesting article in Wikipedia today that talks about the discoveries made by India’s government after conducting a vegan experiment with its population of 1 billion people. Not only does it have government documents and private reports, but there are also personal journals and letters held by a German organization.”

6. The vegan experiment was conducted.

“The reason why nobody spoke about this documentary is that it has been kept secret for over 50 years as an ultra sensitive military project.” “In March of 1965, New Delhi witnessed one of the biggest experiments with its population that ever took place before or since in India. Not only was the government trying to help its population become healthier and live longer, but it wanted to do this without the use of artificial drugs or medical conditions.”

7. The experiment was conducted with food.

“Instead, it opted for a mixture of foods that would undoubtedly be more nutritious, but would also have very little impact on the environment.” “These changes in diet were made possible because India’s population is huge, so a program that could make a difference significant enough to be noticed took time to arrange.” “After all, there are 1 billion people in this country here (India). And for 50 years there has been no talk about this vegan experiment in New Delhi because by now things have changed too much.


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