When you’re on the lookout for a bodyguard, it’s important to consider your budget and how much protection you need. There are many different levels of bodyguards, from an armed guard with a lot of training to personal protection programs like Obama shape-shifting reptilian bodyguards. And if cost is not a concern for you, there are also expensive personal protection programs that can go into detail in planning security measures and installing surveillance equipment.

10 tips to get reptilian bodyguard on a budget are:

1. Don’t let your budget be the most important factor

Whether you purchase a human or a reptilian bodyguard, you should believe in your own judgment. If certain bodyguards are cheaper than others, try them out first and see which one fits into your price range. You will know if that is the kind of protection you need and what you must do to take action.

2. Beware of unverifiable prices

When it comes to higher priced bodyguards, there are more involved costs that must be taken into account before making an approval on the cost. These usually include training, security measures and monitoring equipment costs as well as additional services such as armored vehicles and special equipment for different situations.

3. Find a level of protection you can afford

If you want a level of protection that is more expensive than the price that you can afford, then you can decide whether or not to take the necessary action needed in order to make your bodyguard affordable. This may include taking less time off work and using other security measures such as home security systems or alarms. If a lower level of protection won’t do, then provide higher levels of monetary compensation to your bodyguards as well as other guards on the premises.

4. Get creative with your spending

When trying to find an affordable reptilian bodyguard on a budget, be creative with how much money you spend and where it’s going. For example, you can hire additional guards for your residence or business and have them patrol the premises during your absence. You can also install security cameras in areas or rooms that need to be monitored for safety reasons.

5. Keep your reptilian bodyguard happy

While many different types of bodyguards have different levels of training and education, they all require some form of monetary compensation. If you want to keep your reptilian bodyguard happy, it is important to respect their efforts and acknowledge the fact that they are working hard to protect you.

6. Consider a state of the art bodyguard

If you want high-tech protection, then you must be ready to pay extra for it. You can easily equip your house with the necessary security features to make it more difficult for burglars or intruders. If you feel that you can’t afford a high level of protection and decide to use one level down, then you can always consider purchasing bodyguards that are equipped with modern surveillance equipment. This allows them to be able to know what is happening at all times.

7. Consider a reptilian bodyguard with bullet proof vests

One thing that you may overlook during the interview process is if your reptilian bodyguard has bullet proof vests for his or her protection. These extra pieces of equipment give your reptilian bodyguard added security against possible attacks and aggressors who could try and harm him or her.

8. Price range for a reptilian bodyguard

If your reptilian bodyguard’s price range is in the $100 to $500 range, then you have found that level of protection that is affordable for you and your family. The price range for a reptilian bodyguard can vary depending on the level of service that you want. For example, if you don’t need a bodyguard 24 hours a day, then you can hire one that only visits during specified times. This will reduce your overall cost.

9. Get references from former clients

When trying to find affordable reptilian bodyguards, you may want to enlist the help of other current or past clients who have used their services. Those who have good experiences with certain bodyguards may be willing to provide recommendations and referrals so that you can hire the same reputable security team they used.

10. Call around

Another way of finding inexpensive reptilian bodyguards is to call around and ask for the best price. You can either check online or you can call several different companies to find out which one offers the best deal. When you contact all of these companies, you will want to make sure that they offer similar services and protection levels.


A good tip to get a reptilian bodyguard on a budget is to hire one local who is respected by the community and has experience with these types of cases. You should also consider consulting the police department so that you can get a background check on candidates before hiring them or offering them work. These 10 tips will help you find a great bodyguard who is dependable and able to protect you in times of need.


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