Popularity is the key to success. It’s the most coveted and rarest of all commodities in today’s world. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to gain followers and things like buried beneath the ground, who knows where it’s found, social validation, and make a name for yourself in this first-ever guide on popularity. It’s tough out there but it doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems!

I reveal what people are looking for in others and provide some steps on how you can achieve these qualities. I talk about which platforms yield the most interaction with followers, what information is needed from you when getting popular, and why people will follow another person over anyone else.

1. Know Your Audience

The first thing you need to do before starting a popularity guide is to understand who exactly your target audience is. Figure out the type of people that you want to become popular with, and what makes them tick. Figure out what triggers intrigue to them in order for their audience base to grow and flourish.

It’s important for you not only to know your readers but also who they are. Key characteristics and past experiences will have an effect on how much interaction you attract as an individual. The more information you give, the greater your potential influence could be on these individuals.

2. Think Social

Think instead of talking. Instead of thinking, “How can I get more followers?”, think, “How can I connect with these people?”. The amount of usernames, bios and posts are currently at an all-time high. Once you get popular on Twitter or Instagram for example, you could be following thousands of people all in the name of reaching 1 person! You want to make sure that you know who each one is, a look into their personal lives and interests. This will give you insight into what your follower base is looking for so that you can be a match for them.

3. Build Your Brand

With the amount of competition out there, you need to be a brand that people want to know about and follow. You want to be a person who people will look for due to your charisma, wit or sense of humor. It’s important that you flesh out the character in your head before making any type of commitment. Be sure to read our guide “How To Create A Memorable Personality Anytime” for more tips on how you can create a positive image and give yourself a personal identity that is memorable and stands from amongst the rest as something unique.

4. Post/Tweet Appropriately

The most crucial step for you is how you post, tweet or submit information about yourself online. Are you posting links to things that are of interest to your audience? Are you making the most out of your short bio that is given? You want to make sure your information is unique, super relevant and doesn’t come off as boring.

5. Get Visual

Pictures speak a thousand words. The goal for you will be to get as many followers as possible when it comes to Instagram and Twitter. There are so many people on these platforms that people can’t even keep up with! This is a powerful tool for all social network users but especially those who have the goal of reaching fame status online. Take a look at our guide “How To Take Pictures Like A Superstar” for more tips on how to capture the best photos possible.

6. Don’t Get Burned Out

You need to pace yourself when it comes to the amount of followers you want to gain. You don’t want any one individual or audience to feel as if you are taking over their particular niche of choice. It is important for them to feel as if they can relate and converse with you about your interests and personality.

7. Be Real

The key to reaching a particular audience is to be real. Let go of your ego and stay away from online drama. The best way to connect with others is by contributing meaningful and intelligent content on social networks. Don’t “conform” or feel as if you have to be someone you are not. Don’t hide your personality or who you truly are behind a brand or pseudonym. You want to be authentic and true to yourself at the end of the day. People will respect that and follow you no matter what!

8. Stay Active

If your audience isn’t interacting with you, they aren’t really following you! It is more important than ever that your following grows. You need them to care about what is going on in your life and what projects or happenings are going on in your network so that they can get more involved with the information.


Follow these tips and you will maximize your opportunity to be popular online. It is possible to become a “go-to person” in the industry that you want to be associated with. All it takes is patience, a positive attitude and the right approach towards improving your image and how you are seen by others.


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