What is OSRS?

OSRS or “Old school runescape” is a large community that has been around for a long time. It is the original Runescape as it was before updates and expansions. 

This means that it’s one of those rare games that’s been around since the beginning! It also means that it’s one of those games where you have to invest a lot more time and patience in order to get anywhere.

The game is set in Gielinor, which is the world where RuneScape takes place. 

There are currently three communities in OSRS. One for each of its servers: Old School, 3rd generation and Legacy. 

One of the biggest differences between OSRS and RuneScape is that OSRS has a smaller player base. 

The Old school community has been running for over 6 years now, whereas RuneScape only started about 4 years ago.

A story about OSRS

Old school runescape was meant to be simple back then, when it first started up in 2005.

 There were only two servers which were small communities led by relatively few players compared to what we see today. 

The game was in this state for about 7 years with very few changes to it. Around 2011, Jagex started making the game larger, adding new quests and content which in turn led to more people joining the game, in addition to it being free-to-play.

This is when the massive influx of players happened, the number of players continued to grow at a steady speed which made spicy stew osrs  one of the largest gaming communities in the world today. 

The population for 3rd generation servers is about 200k while that for legacy servers is about 80k. 

Today in OSRS one can find a thriving community of players from all over the world, with many different languages and races.

Game that has never changed its look or design

OSRS is one of the most stable games in terms of development, there are no expansions or updates which makes it one of the most stable games in the world.

 The game continues to be free-to-play and has not gone through any major changes since its start. 

This means that OSRS players do not need to pay any subscription fees nor do they have to install any new software to play OSRS because it is completely browser-based! 

The number of OSRS players continues to grow at a steady speed, with many new players joining each year.

The game is accessible to older players who are new to gaming, with the amount of content in OSRS being very large. 

This makes it easy for players to find new experiences and quests which require them to visit many places on the map. 

A lot of players seem to choose OSRS because it is one of the most stable games in the world with never-ending content.

OSRS is also where you can find some of the oldest content in RuneScape, this is because Jagex kept so many things from the 3rd generation version all throughout runescape history.

It is also where you can find some of the most nostalgic OSRS items which are OSRS gold. OSRS items are mostly used as nostalgic OSRS gold.

The OSRS community is very tight-knit with lots of OSRS players being online every single day. So there are plenty of OSRS players to interact with, especially if you’re new to the game. 

 As far as clans go, you can find quite a few clans listed on the OSRSCommunity website, as social networks go, Reddit is probably the best place to start with. It has a lot of players posting links to threads which list clans. 

Play that brings old friends together

OSRS Gold is one of those games that brings old school friends together again, usually the game itself isn’t what brings people together but their friends who play it all the time.

 I know a lot of people who have met new, very good friends through this game. 

There are lots of OSRS players who play for a few hours a day and then there are some who play all day long or even some people who play for several hours nonstop!

This is because the game has never been boring for any player, not even those new to gaming. In fact, the new 3rd generation server was meant as an expansion to the old school version. 

So it’s a way for older players to experience newer content with their friends or new adventures. 

There are also plenty of new quests and areas which were released on the newer servers giving the game a modern feel but still keeping with its roots.


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