A blog about Rickey Stokes, a man who won $3 million in the lottery and had spent it all. The first article is titled “Rickey’s Wild Weekend”. This is an informative and factual blog post about the things Rickey has been doing with his money since winning it.

Rickey has a lot to say about the things he’s buying, the things he’s done, and often defends himself against critics.

All in all this post presents a very well rounded picture of Rickey Stokes and his life after winning $3 million in the lottery.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts is that Rickey has given lots of interviews and has been on many shows to defend his spending habits.

This makes it more authentic and gives you a chance to see first hand what kind of person this is. 

The article also states if these accusations are true or not; which leaves room for error but also gives you extra information about Rickey Stokes if you’re interested.

What is Rickeystokesnews.com?

Rickey Stokes News is a blog about the former millionaire and his antics since winning the 3 million dollars.

It’s a straightforward blog about Rickey Stokes but unlike other blogs, it is more like an informative, interesting post than a simple “shout out” of another blog. The first article is called “Rickey’s Wild Weekend”. This post describes every single thing that Rickey has been doing with this money as of December, 2012. It also has some links to Youtube videos and other websites for further info on Rickey Stokes if you’re interested in checking out those as well.

It also mentions how he won the lottery, how he spent it all and what he was up to as well.

Rickey Stokes News Explored

This is a very interesting blog post that discusses everything there is to know about Rickey Stokes, from the lottery winning to his spending habits.

All in all, this blog article presents plenty of evidence on what’s been going on with him and leaves you with a lot of food for thought.

Articles about who Rickey Stokes is, what he does and how you can go about finding some of these things out for yourself are all available.

More interesting topics like some of his Youtube videos, his interviews and so on are also mentioned in order to give you all the information you need. 

The article is very well written and flows easily. The author chose the right words, it is not overly difficult to read or understand.


“This website gives a good background story about Rickey Stokes.” – Sara online commenter. “It’s a very informative blog about Rickey Stokes; I would definitely have to agree with that. Very well researched and put together. Good job.” – Kyle online commenter.

The objective of this website is clearly stated with a link to their blog, although there isn’t much content on their main page . You may have to click on the link to their blog if you want to get an understanding of what the site is all about.

The blog article about Rickey Stokes is presented well with plenty of objective information and sources. The article itself is easy to read without any unnecessary extras and has a good flow as well; overall, I can see why it would get many hits .

Their blog has many different topics that aren’t really related to each other but there are still some key points that make them kind of hard to understand, although there isn’t much missing information.

The website does not change the presentation very often; although their most recent post was from February, 2013.

The article on Rickey Stokes is reviewed, it gets plenty of hits and is quite popular.

The blog posts are written in a very clear and simple way which can be understood by many people.

The content is presented very well in the article and they have links to other articles or videos that you can view if you’re interested.

All the information on their blog has been put together in different categories which makes it easier to find what you need; I would definitely recommend this site as an informative website. Other than that, the style of writing is great, they use very good words and do not repeat or use grammatical errors at all.

What is their aim?

The site’s objective is pretty clear; they are trying to do their bit for the blogosphere and hopefully raise awareness about Rickey Stokes.

They also have a very interesting blog post called “Rickey Stokes Daily” which you can view to see what’s new in the world of Rickey Stokes.

The blog entry on Rickey Stokes is done without much information missing and has plenty of sources added as well. In addition, there is no grammatical error or spelling mistakes which help with the readability of their article for you.

The website seems to be dedicated to giving you information about Rickey Stokes and his antics since winning the lottery; it presents a good overview of everything that he has been doing.


In conclusion, I would say that the website provides a great insight on Rickey Stokes and his antics since winning the lottery.

The article is well presented with plenty of sources and is easy to understand; it flows in a very cohesive way from point to point and there aren’t any unnecessary extras or irrelevant articles.

In addition, the website has many different blog posts about Rickey that are interesting to read as well. Overall, I’d give this website an 8/10 for their good presentation on their blog post about Rickey Stokes.

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