When you go to the theater, do you prefer comedy or drama? But, before sharing with you a list of must-see theater shows until the end of 2021, we would like to give you some reasons why you should go to the theater so that the magical experiences it provides never disappear.

It brings us intense emotions

Isn’t the theater the simplest way to tell a story because it moves, reflects, and endears us?

This form of scenic art can emotionally affect the audience, resulting in a deep connection between the audience and the fleeting and real actors. That is why, on occasion, being so close to the theater heightens our involvement in the story even further than if we were going to watch it on a screen.

It is a living art

It’s a magical feeling to be immersed in a story, thanks to the artist’s energy. The theater is happening right in front of us; it’s a real-time interaction of sensations, so it’s more genuine. Like in other performing arts, the audience has the final say in whether or not the play is a success or a failure. This gives the artist immediate feedback about his audience’s reaction, making the experience more personal and unique.

It is a unique work

Even though the story has been told numerous times, each performance is unique.

Whether it’s the moment, the audience, the ambiance, our company, or even spontaneous

situations that arise, it captures a magic that will never be the same.

It is history and culture

Going to the theater is a great way to escape, to let your imagination run wild, and to dream, but it’s also a great way to learn from entertainment. With the help of this, we learn more about our literary heritage, including authors from various eras and artistic movements. We also see how society has evolved and how certain historical and social contexts are reflected in this work.

Laughter that heals

Attending a comedy show is also good for your health. It frees the mind from any problems or crises it has been facing on a psychological level. Aside from making you feel better, laughing releases endorphins and strengthens your immune system. Laughter is equivalent to three minutes of exercise, such as rowing, after only 20 seconds. It also serves to relax and relieve tension.

Must-see theater shows you can’t miss before 2021 ends

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Here is the list:

Cirque du Soleil – O

It’s an unbelievable and beautifully shot show that transports viewers into a fantasy universe of awe and wonder through the use of breathtaking acrobatics in air, fire, and water.

Colors, shapes, sounds, and acrobatics characterize this theater’s performances; everything is calculated and organized to create harmony between the acrobats so that they can convey various emotions to the viewer. It’s the cherry on top of the show’s success because it brings together talented artists in a unique way. It’s definitely among the most favorite ones!

Romeo and Juliet

It’s a popular show because of the skillful handling of tragedy, comedy, love, and wild passion.

It’s a common occurrence in society, and in the end, you realize that you have to let love happen and not stop it because it can lead to tragic outcomes like in the play. One aspect that audiences generally enjoy is the play’s ending because it’s unique; in other stories, the ending is always happy, but in this case, it doesn’t seem to be.

A Musical About Star Wars

When it comes to well-known film series, there is one that should be known to everyone at the very least: the Star Wars saga. Numerous enthusiasts now dislike new Disney films, but the George Lucas-created franchise keeps going to reap financial success despite this and will do so for a good while longer. So, this musical is for you, only if you are a super geek and a fan. If not, then try something else from this list.

Russian National Ballet: Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece Swan Lake features some of the most memorable music and choreography in the history of ballet. Swan Lake is the story of two young women who look so much alike that they are easily confused. In this heartbreaking love story, a princess named Odette is cursed to grow up and turn into a swan. Prince Siegfried stumbles across a flock of swans while out on a hunting expedition. He is mesmerized when one of the swans transforms into a stunning young woman. But the question is, will his lust be strong enough to overcome the evil to which she is being subjected?

Frozen – The Musical

Before the release of ‘Frozen,’ it appeared that Disney princess movies were doomed to extinction because they were out of date. The stereotype’s molds had become out of date in the eyes of the newer generations. After the era of women waking up to a Prince Charming kiss on their lips had passed, it was necessary for new formulas based on the need to reexamine women’s roles as submissive elements and romance objects. And, then, Frozen appeared!

Elsa is a well-thought-out product aimed at identifying children’s needs to feel understood and accepted. As a princess, she has an exquisite gown on, but she is strange and misunderstood by the others because she is not like them, which causes her a great deal of pain.

Until she makes a decision: to free herself from all ties to give out free rein to her true self, without being embarrassed, acknowledging that it is a lonely path, but it is also valuable to be honest and truthful to oneself, if you have seen the movie, we are sure you will adore the musical as well. Your age doesn’t matter. Just dive into this extraordinary experience.

Potted Potter

Ok, we all know that Harry Potter and everything related to it will never bore us and get old. Like or not. The plot revolves around three students who must figure out why their boarding school has a bad smell. To put it another way, it’s a celebration of British children’s literature giants like Enid Blyton, Ronald Searle, and others.

And, when it comes to condensing all seven Harry Potter novels into one hour of comedic fun, no one has done it better than Potted Potter. In this hilarious show, Dan and Jeff play all your favorite Harry Potter protagonists.


The Beatles are widely regarded as one of the most important musical groups of all time.

As soon as a new album by this famous band was released, people lined up for days outside the store to get their hands on it. As a result, their music has been translated into numerous languages, and they are well-known worldwide.

And, those who lovedthe Beatles will not want to miss the Beatleshow, which will take them back to the days of Beatlemania. Even the most jaded fans will be impressed by the performers’ spot-on impressions of the legendary group in their show at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater in Miracle Mile Shops.


The theater is an art that has accompanied us and has developed in many ways until it is today. The human being’s representation has always taken place, certainly for a reason related to the emotion of becoming another person and living true stories or invented stories but different from our own.

We all need to have fun responsibly, be moved, reflect, share and feel more than ever before.

In some mysterious way, the theater brings all of these qualities together and invites us to be happy and keep evolving. Consequently, we urge you to escape the routine that can weigh us down so that, for a few hours, you can experience the magic that will allow you to forget about the hardships you are facing and transport you to a different reality filled with fun times.


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