Every day, we are swamped with information and messages from advertisers on social media and TV shows. It is easy to want what everyone else seems to have. You know you don’t need it. You know your life will be better for not buying it anyway and try pixel 3xl for honor wallpaper.

So instead of buying the latest cell phone from a big company making a quick buck off your ignorance, take a step back and look at your life. Who do you have in real life that can help you make the most beautiful thing possible? Where is it in your life that you spend most of your time? What is your work? Where do you spend most of your time with friends and people who love you?

Use these things as a baseline to create value for yourself, not by chasing headlines and wanting expensive gadgets. Realize that anything you buy is going to be used up, whereas all the knowledge, time and experiences will stay in the things (i.e., the people) that are important to you.

Things you must know about modern lifestyle:

1. It is all about the money.

The average annual income for someone living a modern lifestyle is about $73,000. None of us will ever live this lifestyle for $73,000 a year. That’s why our society has been designed to manufacture desires that are the opposite of what we need to be happy. America has become obsessed with money, but the only thing that money can buy is itself (see point 1).

2. Television is a drug.

The average TV viewer watches over 1,000 hours of television per year. Television is dangerous because it fills the mind with fluff and false information designed to sell you something.

3. You are valuable.

If you want to live in modern society, you need to take steps to upgrade your value and learn how to navigate the world around you without falling for its tricks. If you want to be a winner, remember this: winners don’t care about money; they care about adding incredible value to the world around them.

4. The consumer lifestyle will be your downfall.

The more you buy, the more you need to buy. When you finally do get enough money, go into debt to keep up appearances. Your lifestyle is based on consumption, and overconsumption is simply a trap to make big-money advertisements run smoothly. 

5. You are a game-changer in life.

You don’t need a new car every two years and a nice house every ten years or so because it is keeping up with the Jones’, but rather because you are adding value to the world around you with your actions, products and ideas that leave others entertained by what you have done.

6. Free-market capitalism must be destroyed to save the world.

Free-market capitalism is based on greed, and greed is at the root of all the bad things that have come about in our society.

7. If you want to live a modern lifestyle, you need to stop believing in Santa Claus and his elves at work somewhere invisible.

Most people do want a house, car and better life without hard work, so they begin scrambling around for answers to their problems while they pay exorbitant amounts of money for the easy way out.

8. People who love you will pay for your lifestyle.

Friends and family can help you to build up a better life, but never let them pay for your lifestyle by giving you handouts or loans when you don’t need them!

9. You must create your own value to live in modern society.

Most people are not willing to do what it takes to construct the modern lifestyle with their own two hands, so they go out and buy it instead of using their own ideas and doing things right the first time. This is dangerous because people who live this way quickly go into debt trying to keep up appearances, which is where the bankers come in.

10. Bankers will never give you a modern lifestyle for free.

Bankers are the ones who force society to go into debt, and all the money that flows into their hands comes with a price.

11. The average individual today is too stupid to live in modern society so they end up working at Starbucks.

Most people are not intelligent enough to take control of their own lives and use this forum to make things happen because they live on the outskirts of reality and believe it is better than reality. This leads them down paths where others are taking advantage of them, so they end up spending way too much money on things like cell phones, new cars and homes that are out of their reach.

Conclusion of the article:

The Rothschilds and other people who are at the forefront of our modern world are ultimately responsible for what is going on in the world today, but they work out of sight. This article is a wake-up call to all those people who want a better life but still live within the confines of their own logic.

Remember that money can buy you things only because you create it with your own mind, so those who want a better lifestyle need to start working hard to build value and then use that value to get the best deals they can so that they don’t have to work so hard anymore.


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