eClinicalWorks vs DrChrono

eClinicalWorks and DrChrono are two great software solutions. In this piece, we are going to focus on eClinicalWorks vs. DrChrono so if you are interested, keep reading!

DrChrono EHR Features

Cloud-Based Functionality

With DrChrono’s mobile-friendly EHR application, you have the freedom to complete your work whenever you want, from wherever you are. Medical professionals can review lab test results, refill prescriptions, and look over a patient’s medical history without being confined to a desktop when equipped with an iPad, iPhone, or laptop. DrChrono is a platform that can be customized unlike any other. You can create the ideal workflow for your practice using features like customizable healthcare templates, consultation profiles, and more found in DrChrono EMR. One of its third-party partner integrations will probably be able to provide you with the features you require if DrChrono EMR software does not already offer them.

Clinical Charting

The medical charting tools offered by DrChrono were created to enhance both the patient and provider experience. You can spend less time on your digital medical record and more time engaging with patients, thanks to our time-saving features. You can create charts that make sense for your practice using templates that you can customize. Even DrChrono EMR’s pre-built, specialty-specific templates can be customized to your needs or used straight out of the box. Suppliers can use the system’s quick charting tool during telehealth appointments to access the chart without leaving the session.

Integrated Practice Management and Medical Billing

Online appointment scheduling is one of the features in our practice management feature set that helps reduce wait times and pointless phone calls. In order to lower your no-show rate, we also give you the option to send automated consultation reminders from your EHR. Then, using kiosk mode on your office’s iPad, patients can complete their pre-appointment check-in data from their phone or from that device. Additionally, DrChrono offers strong medical billing and coding functionalities that can enhance your ability to collect payments. Data entry errors can be reduced by using tools like billing profiles, which allow you to pre-load common billing codes into a chart based on appointment type. DrChrono team of RCM specialists will handle your billing if you decide to outsource the task. You can schedule a free DrChrono EHR demo to know more about this feature. 

DrChrono Pricing

Except for the top-tier plan, DrChrono levies a flat monthly fee per provider. The cost of each DrChrono tier is as follows:

  • Prometheus costs $200 per provider per month and comes with fundamental EMR and practice management tools.
  • Hippocrates starts at $260 per provider per month and includes more comprehensive EMR and practice management tools.
  • Using medical billing software, Apollo costs between $300 and $500 per provider per month.
  • The structure of Apollo Plus is the same as that of the majority of medical billing services and includes RCM. This indicates that you pay a fixed percentage of your monthly collections rather than flat rates.

eClinicalWorks EHR Features

Communication tools

You can follow up on transactions and client dues and communicate with clients directly using the eClinicalWorks EMR. Additionally, it enables you to better manage time, schedule appointments, and make sure that all gear is available when you need it. Even adding new patients and searching for appointments by name are options. To determine whether eClinicalWorks is the right choice for you, you can examine its characteristics during a free demo. 

Electronic medical records (EMR) software called eClinicalWorks is cloud-based and comes with client portals, records management, registration reporting, and HBO View. eClinicalWorks software provides a range of practice management features in addition to electronic medical records, including an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking patient progress. Additionally, the software will simplify the payment processing for you.

Seamless Integration

With other EHR systems, eClinicalWorks EMR offers seamless integration. Users can view information from hospital systems, such as CCDAs, discharge overviews, and other codes, with this EHR. Additionally, a smooth transition from one system to another is possible thanks to the direct transfer of hospital data to eClinicalWorks EHR. Discharge summaries can be easily accessed by eClinicalWorks customers because this is essential for maximizing patient care. The Carequality Interoperability Framework (CQIF), a national interoperability framework created by consensus, has certified eClinicalWorks EMR. This system is capable of facilitating communication and possibly preventing expensive hospitalizations by enabling seamless information sharing. Making health records suitable for the overall healthcare ecosystem is the best way to guarantee patient safety.

Mobile App Version

Your staff and providers must be able to access the EHR whenever and wherever they need to. Users of the iPad app “eClinicalTouch” from eClinicalWorks can view patient records, reorder prescriptions, record encounters, and schedule appointments. Although the app has some limitations compared to the web/desktop version, it aids in communication and productivity between your staff and providers. Another app, “eClinicalMobile,” enables the practice to access patient data from a mobile device. It is again somewhat constrained but still offers crucial features, like the ability to use “Speech” to convert your eClinicalWorks notes into text.

eClinicalWorks EHR Pricing

You can look at the packages that eClinicalWorks offers to get a price quote. Pricing for eClinicalWorks begins at $449 per month per user. Additionally, it is offered with additional features for $599 per month. No, a free trial is not available for the software. You can also set up an eClinicalWorks demo. You can also check out eClinicalWorks Reviews to know more about the software!


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