If you’ve been playing a lot of Longstrider lately and you’re feeling like the game is getting a little too hard, then this blog post is for you! There are several ways to make the game easier, and we’re going to talk about some of them today. Does longstrider stack?

One way to make the game easier is with our new Speed Boost option. This option lets your character move much faster than what they’re used to, which makes it easy for them to outrun monsters or kill them without taking any damage. 

What are the steps which make it easier?

Step 1: To start

Visit your computer and click the “Settings” tab on the top-right side of the screen. Then, look down for an option called “Speed Boost”, and click that option. 

Step 2: Use your new Speed Boost

Now, when you play Longstrider, go around the map and look for monsters which are no more than 5 levels above you. They will be running around in a wide circle and if you move fast enough as they’re circling, then you can quickly outrun them.

Step 3: Make sure to Win!

Once you’ve outrun the monster, kill it with a normal attack or by using Ranged Attacks (I think that might be an exploit though). Don’t try to run away or hide. If you do, then the monster might kill you.

Step 4: Repeat!

What are some hacks to use longstrider?

1. Heroic Shield

This is a custom code which makes it easier for you to kill monsters. Simply simply hold down the Left Mouse Button and press ‘C’ at the same time to bring up your Charms menu. In the charms menu, click on “Heroic Shield”. The monster will then be stunned for a short period of time before it kills you. The Heroic Shield lasts for about 20 seconds before it deactivates and does nothing more than simply stun the monster from killing you.

2. Ranged Attacks

While playing you need to keep in mind that in the very beginning of each level, there are multiple monsters which are not more than 5 levels above you. They have ranged attacking weapons and if you’re running around and trying to kill them, it’s easy for them to kill you. If a monster shoots an arrow at you, simply move away from it a bit and then use Ranged Attacks to kill it. If a monster throws a fireball at you, move backwards so that the fireball doesn’t even hit you. Then just continue hitting the monster until it dies.

3. Items

The game gives you lots of items as soon as you complete a level. Most of the time, these items are not very good for what you plan on doing next. If a lot of these items are cursed, then just wait and let them disappear before the next level because they will do more harm than good. Some items that aren’t cursed should get thrown into the lava pit because sometimes those items might be more useful for other players later in the game. 

4. What about the Slime King?

The Slime King might seem impossible to defeat at first, but he’s actually quite easy to kill if you follow our steps! First of all, walk around near him until he starts charging up his fireball attack. Then run away from him until he stops. Once he stops, run back to him and hit him with Ranged Attacks until he dies.

5. Defeating the Tower Lord

The Tower Lord is similar to the Slime King because you must distract him with Ranged Attacks before hitting him with normal attacks. If you try to hit his hands directly, then he will throw a meteorite at you which will kill you instantly. To defeat the Tower Lord, simply keep running around in a circle while shooting Ranged Attacks at him and eventually you will kill him. 

6. Getting up to Level 5

The game has a bug where you might get stuck at the beginning of the game and be unable to get through the first level. If this happens, then try going to “Settings” and deactivating your Speed Boost. Just set it back on again once you’ve completed Level 1. 

7. Other Options

There are lots of other options in the game which might be able to help you out too! For example, if your character is wearing a cursed weapon which reduces their stats, then feel free to go into “Settings” and deactivate that weapon. It will make the game easier.

8. Different Characters

If you want to try out something different in the game, feel free to change your character’s name! You can do this by going into “Settings” and then clicking on “Character Name”. It will be at the top of the screen.  The game has a bug where you might get stuck at a place in the level if your past characters are cursed (which you can tell by looking on their cards). So if you have a character which is cursed, then make sure that they do not have any stats or items which might stop you from completing future levels!  

Conclusion of this article:

The Longstrider game is a great game and it’s fun to play. But if you have played this game for a long time, then you might feel like it’s a little too hard. The tips listed above will help you out when facing difficult monster encounters, and allow your character to easily complete difficult levels.


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