She has an Instagram with over 4 million followers and is among the most popular models in the world.

Brit Manuela was born 10 years ago on April 29th, in Belgium and comes from a family of multiple music artists. 

She began modeling for various high profile brands like Dior, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and Guess at age 6. 

Today she has her own line of underwear that is called “Manuela” under the same name that is highly sought after by different celebrities around the world.” 

You wanted to know more about Brit Manuela.

Brit is one of the most famous models in the world.

Brit Manuela has worked with many designers and brands, she’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Ralph Lauren Angel and an ambassador for Guess. She has also taken part in ads for Diesel Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC Cosmetics and more.

She has modeled for campaigns that have featured different celebrities like Demi Lovato, Mia M Ferrarri , Adriana Lima ,Selena Gomez , Nicole Scherzinger and Miranda Kerr .

About Brit Manuela- The famous model :

1.She has an Instagram with over 4 million followers and is among the most popular models in the world.

2.Brit began her career as a model when she was just six years old. Many brands started approaching her family to have Brit represent their products but it wasn’t until when she was about 13 that she started getting paid for it .

3.The average child models don’t reach this age but Brit’s career continued at a high pace from then on .

4 .She has done more than 5 campaigns and has worked with Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel Jeans.

5.When she was six, Brit moved to New York City with her family. They wanted her and her two older siblings to be inspired by the culture and they thought that was the best place to do it.

6.Brit is not just a model but she is an actress as well . She has appeared in many tv shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit .

7.Because of her many projects, Brit has been able to travel all over the world for photoshoots and for her career. She’s lived in NY since she was a child but recently moved back with her parents in Belgium where they have a house near the beach .

8.Although she’s not as active as before, Brit has more than 8 million followers on Instagram.

9.She’s been spotted with many celebrities and even dated Justin Bieber , one of the most famous singers in the world. 

They were long distance -Brit was in New York and Justin was always touring so they tried to make the relationship work for a while but eventually it didn’t so they broke up .

10.Right now, Brit is on a modeling hiatus but she says that she will return when the time is right. She says that if you like what you do and you’re passionate about it then there’s no reason to stop . 

11 .She loves to sing and is talented in it as well .

12.She’s a very accomplished model , one of the most successful ones of all time .

13.She has recently worn the Victoria’s Secret Angel wings and made history by being the first teenage model with such an accomplishment . 

14.She writes her own stories, composes her own songs and has worked with many different companies so she definitely deserves much credit for being a successful person . 

” “The question is if this name Manuela has another meaning, perhaps in Spanish? The answer is yes, it does have another meaning; it means ‘happy’ but also ‘hurtful'”.

15.Brit is going to release a single soon and it will be called “First Love”. 

16.Brit Manuela aspires to become an actress like in movies, not just through television. She’s working on a script right now and hopes that her career will continue on the right path with this new work that she is doing .

17.She has a younger sister, Bertille who has also modeled but the two of them don’t often collaborate with each other since they’re busy with their own careers .

18 .She’s a great singer, actress and model. She’s just beginning her career but will eventually be able to accomplish even more things .

19.She is a kind girl who loves animals and children . 

” “I think that I could have been the little girl with the tiger, but instead I was one of the ones dressed up as a tiger!” 

20.When she was young, Brit traveled to many different countries and learned different things from them.

 She says that it’s not that she grew up with those experiences because that’s what other children her age did but she learned about the world through those travels . 

21.She loves music and wants to become an actress and a singer in order to achieve great success like artists like Adele , Beyoncé , Miley Cyrus and Rihanna .

22. She also has a younger sister named Bertille, who is also a successful model . The two of them have been working very hard in their modeling careers to achieve much success .

23.Although it’s not easy, she tries to balance both her career and school. She attends an international school in New York City but likes her time studying there and has learned many new things through the experience . 


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