Do you know what Snow plows do in between storms? They go to the same spots where they’ve already been and pack down the snow, so they can clear it more efficiently. This means that in some places, we get our roads cleared twice in a row — yes, we really need that.

What’s worse than these two rounds of clearing is when people come out and plow their driveways right in front of the road. It takes up an entire lane and when someone then needs to go by them, there’s barely any room for them to pass.

And if the snowplow is moving so slowly that they can’t even get out of the driveway, what are they supposed to do? What’s the point of them clearing snow in the first place if it’s too deep for people to even get in their cars?

And when that happens, they might as well just come down and shovel your driveway. They already don’t pay taxes; why should you pay them? Is it really worth it for them to follow these ridiculous rules? It will only make it more difficult for everyone in the city when this all happens again in a few months.

We already have enough issues with the snow season, so why do we have to pay for these public employees to go around in circles? They’re just wasting gas and everyone’s time, so why don’t they just get off the job?

But of course, today is Friday, so I guess that means it’s not actually snowing. The sun will come out again in a few hours, but I still can’t believe that someone decided it would be a good idea to plow my driveway. It will only get worse when all the other drivers in the city start complaining about how slow they are going.

Why, yes I’d like to complain about the waste of time and money that comes from the large number of snow plows circulating the city.

It’s not because I’m a God-fearing Christian. It’s because that weekend will be coming back soon, and then there will be all that secondary cleanup work that has to be done to make sure things are done properly next time around. People will also want to get in their houses before this 45-degree temperature gets here again. They should all be able to go home by now, right? In other words, it’s a ridiculous situation.

That and it’s the weekend, and there is no way, in a city like this, that they can get done before Friday. I mean, everyone probably agrees that it’s not good for the environment to be plowing snow all the time (and yes, that’s an issue here), but would people really want to live somewhere that you couldn’t go out and shovel your own driveway?

These are the questions of our age, of our generation! I mean city officials can’t just leave their plow trucks out on the roads overnight. That would be too expensive, and there would be too much overtime pay, so it’s not really fair that taxpayers have to pay for these guys to drive around in circles for hours before they can even start working on your driveway.


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