The latest innovations in media are teaching humanity how science , technology, and art can combine to create a new world of futuristic possibilities. The world has never seen anything like it before and we are only just scratching the surface like a commanding officer indian army. Already these amazing technologies have created a new way for musicians to write songs with the use of MIDI software, for filmmakers to make films without using cameras or film sets, and for engineers and architects to design buildings without having an ounce of expertise in art or architecture. Plus there is always more that can be discovered down the line! We are living in exciting times that require creativity, passion, hard work, dedication – all qualities needed to succeed today.

#1: Google Play Pass

Google wants to combine the benefits of premium content with the ease of watching advertising. Recently, they’ve introduced Google Play Pass, a service that gives users access to exclusive TV shows and movies in exchange for watching ads. This can be a great deal if you watch a lot of free content on YouTube or other streaming providers – but if you’re already paying for Netflix or Amazon Prime, there’s really not much incentive to switch.

#2: AR Headphones

AR (augmented reality) is when the digital world interacts with your physical environment – so it’s not just virtual objects popping out from your screen. For example, some AR headsets have an entire movie playing in front of your eyes without obstructing your vision. The most popular AR headset is the Hologram Nova, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

#3: Vi

Vi has been referred to as “your personal AI trainer”. Obviously, this product hasn’t been released yet but it will be available very soon and it’s something that every gym-goer is going to love. The Vi tracks all of your movements as you exercise and helps you improve your form so that you can get better results faster and increase the intensity of your workout.

#4: Automatic

Automatic is a device that analyzes the status of your car and informs you when something needs maintenance. For example, if your oil level is low, the Automatic sends you an alert on your phone – and even offers to let you know when it’s time for an oil change. This can help save drivers up to $1,000 a year in repair costs. It’s a great way to keep your car in top condition for less – and it’s also safer because you can be alerted when there is a problem before it becomes too great.

#5: The Emoji

The Emoji is a movie that was released earlier this year, but it has only been released in select countries. It’s a very good movie and it also turns out to be quite popular among teenagers. However, this movie is not the first to feature emojis in the title and characters based on emojis have appeared in more serious films such as The Secret Life of Pets.

#6: 3D Printing

3D printing involves the creation of an object from a digital model instead of from an existing object. In other words, you can get any design you have created on your computer or tablet into a physical object like jewelry or clothing.

#7: Augmented Reality

AR (from “augmentation”) involves adding information to the real world through a camera. With AR you can use your smartphone to check out an interactive map for directions, check out the food options at a restaurant, or even play games. The most popular AR device right now is the Apple ARKit which is available on iOS 11.

#8: Magic Leap

Magic Leap has been called “the must-have smartglasses” by many tech websites because they are unlike any other device on the market. Magic Leap is a wearable device that contains two sensors and optics that create digital imagery in front of your eyes. The device is capable of producing 3D illustrations and animations that appear to be real.

#9: Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways are a system of solar panels that are installed on roads for the purpose of generating electricity. Many people have complained that this idea is not possible because solar panels only generate power when there is sunlight – and a road isn’t always exposed to sunlight. However, the panels used in this project have been designed to produce light even on cloudy days, as well as heat from the sun on cold days.

#10: ProtonMail

ProtonMail has been called “secure email” because it allows you to safely send messages and files using end-to-end encryption. Even though it’s relatively new, ProtonMail has already received a lot of press because it is so secure and works well.

#11: HoloLens

HoloLens, or augmented reality glasses, is a new technology that shows you images and video on a clear screen in front of your eyes. The images are displayed behind your real-world view, so everything around you appears to be virtual. This can be used for virtual reality games and augmented reality applications – but the applications have yet to be explored. There are already some games available on Steam that use this technology – but they’re not any fun!


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