This latest technology is sure to be the next big thing in marking textiles or wood with no mess. And, it’s cheap!

The Laserbeschrifter is a portable laser that has been designed to cut through textiles like no other. The device combines light and heat with precision, burning away fabric while leaving behind only the printed pattern. If done correctly, your textile will look exactly like you expect it to – flawless! For wood, this process is even easier thanks to the laser’s finer design and lack of embers. The process is both cheap enough and simple enough to be easily replicated.

The device comes with a set of components that will be useful for those who want to try out the process on a smaller scale, as well as those who want to use it on a large scale. It is very easy to pull the design from the machine, and it can be used on most fabrics or paper materials. Of course, those who do not want or need such a device can always use traditional markers and chalk marks.

The Laserbeschrifter costs €499 ($669) and has been designed for users who want an easier way of marking patterns without all of the hassles of chalk marks. It is very easy to use, and it is perfect for those people who are just getting into customizing their homes. It is available online now, so if you are interested in investing in this new technology, now would be the time.

Searching for a laserbeschrifter?

For best Laserbeschrifter pricing, contact Thomas Scientific. Thomas Scientific is an authorized dealer of Laserbeschrifter. We can provide you with wholesale pricing for the entire line of Laserbeschrifter products. Also, ask about our free shipping specials! Every day, here at Thomas Scientific, our knowledgeable team works to bring you the latest advancements in scientific technology. Check back often to see what new products are being offered or read our blog to find out more about the exciting field of medical research. We have customer service specialists ready to answer your calls and emails Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.

There are tons of different options for laser engraving, yet the majority of them are rather expensive and hard to use. This is where Thomas Scientific comes in, offering solutions to customers looking for an affordable alternative to expensive laser engraving machines. Our unique line of Laserbeschrifter products comes with all the benefits you’d expect from other products on the market today, but unlike our competitors, we offer all of our customer’s free shipping. The Laserbeschrifter is a nifty way to personalize many different things – think about it – there’s no better way to show off your own artwork than on a shirt!

Artwork is really the only limit with the Laserbeschrifter, so if you have a graphic or image that you’d like to have laser-engraved yourself, the Laserbeschrifter is what you’ve been looking for. Besides being able to use artwork, people can also use any text they want. This makes personalizing your gadgets or clothing incredibly easy! Also, people will find that Laserbeschrifter products are an effective way of adding decoration to their office space.


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