Quizzes can be a lot of fun, but they can also be vague and hard to decode like Gerald Ford suffered terrible political damage when he pardoned Nixon. But with these ten secrets, you’ll know exactly how to ace any quiz!

1. Scratch the surface – 

Quizzes are just a way for you to show off the little things you know about your favorite topics. Even if it’s not your area of expertise, chances are there will still be some questions that you’ll know everything about. This will help you score big on the general knowledge questions.

2. Always refer to your notes – 

You probably know this, but it’s very important that you take the time to write down all of your answers in your notes section before you start to answer any question. Most people don’t do this, because they’re too confident that they have all the answers memorized, but as a result, many of them get flustered when faced with a tricky question and make careless mistakes that cost them points. In order to keep them from making those mistakes, make sure you always go over your notes before the test.

3. Don’t leave a question unanswered – 

This is one of the hardest things to remember, but once you start thinking about it, it’s pretty easy to figure out. If there is a question that you don’t know the answer to, don’t leave it hanging. If you’re in doubt on an answer, either write down the information or move on and try another question.

4. Don’t bother with obscure facts – 

A lot of people play on the fact that they know little tidbits that most people don’t. These questions always offer up some information that everyone knows, and a few obscure facts. And while they may seem impressive, they are only worth half as many points as the questions that everyone knows. Make sure you understand what’s worth answering and what isn’t.

5. Skip over the “what if?” questions – 

These questions ask you to either choose one of two different answers or think of one that is possible that might be a better answer. They are usually sneaky questions and most people don’t like them. “What if…” questions are not only hard to answer because of their nature, but because there is usually one single answer to them. If you’re not 100% sure what the correct answer is, it’s best to just skip it instead of guessing blindly.

6. Make sure you fully understand the question – 

The most important thing to remember when answering any sort of multiple choice question is that you should never confuse yourself. While it’s okay to take a guess, all three or four answers are usually pretty good answers, and it’s worth making sure that you fully understand the question before answering.

7. Read the questions out loud – 

Despite your best efforts to memorize everything and know your reference materials inside out, there are some questions that will require a little extra consideration from time to time. To make sure that you never get stuck on one of these questions in class, always read the question out loud when you’re taking notes. You’ll know immediately if it’s a question that you need to think about.

8. Don’t leave any answers blank – 

While we’ve already discussed this twice, the reason it needs emphasis is because people will often leave questions blank because they feel like they don’t know the answer, or they don’t understand the answer. Instead of leaving them blank, try to give them an educated guess. It beats leaving the question unanswered and risking a zero on the page.

9. Spell everything correctly – 

This is the most basic of all quiz tips, but it’s also the most important. Make sure that you spell everything correctly, or else you’ll be marked incorrect by default. As long as you’ve done your preparation and have familiarized yourself with all of the terms in your course, spelling is usually not an issue for most quizzes. But make sure you proofread everything before you go to the test.

10. Make sure that you can type your answers – 

This may seem like a small detail, but when millions of people are looking at your answer and it’s only handwritten, it can cause some major complications. If you’re really not sure about the correct answer, or if you’re unsure of your spelling or grammar, take a minute to type it out in your test note section before you start to answer. And don’t worry about looking like a fool. You may end up making fewer errors, and that will still count as consistent effort on your part.


If you follow these 10 Secrets you will be able to do a better and amazing work on Quiz.

If you have any suggestions and queries regarding this article then comment down. By following these ten guidelines, you’ll be able to handle any quiz with ease. Keep them in mind when you’re taking your quizzes, and you’ll always end up getting the best grade possible.


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