If you are preparing for NEET then you should try to get 300 plus in the biology section. Being a biology student your concepts in this must be somewhat clear you just have to brush up the concepts and try to remember them. Before you start to prepare make sure you have the NEET Biology Syllabus PDF downloaded. In fact, you should have the syllabus for all three subjects. Go through this article till the end to know some of the amazing tips that can help you score 300 plus in the biology section. Some of the tips mentioned in the article you must be already following, but try the other ones too so that you can increase your efficiency, which will eventually increase your marks. 


For a NEET aspirant the biology, NCERT is no less than the Gita, you have to just swallow all the lines. Make sure you read the complete NCERT line by line at least twice and even more depending upon your grasping power. You should learn how to read between the lines, to gain more conceptual clarity. Use sticky notes and highlighters to emphasize the points that you tend to forget. 


There is a lot of diagrams in the biology syllabus. The majority of the questions are hidden between the diagrams. You have to look closely at all the diagrams and try to extract as much content as possible. For some paragrams or concepts, you can make a simplified diagram yourself. This will help you remember things in a better way. All your diagrams should be well labelled, you can also use coloured pens so that your mind will remember them. 

Important Chapters

Try to strategize your learnings, this can be done only after the proper analysis of the syllabus and the number as well as types of questions that have come in the previous years. Then you can schedule specific times or hours for each chapter. Make sure you complete them within the restricted time to be more productive. Along with every chapter keep practising MCQs that may have come from those topics. Certain chapters should be placed under very important, these are the ones from where most of the questions come. Revise these chapters from NCERT line by line multiple times. 


As you know in biology is all about how well you can keep things in your mind. So, to transform your temporary memory into a permanent always make short notes. For a topic that requires more conceptual clarity and you still have doughnuts, try making short summary in your words. And go through the notes as well as the summary multiple times. For better grasping and memorizing power, morning time is considered to be the best. But you can always choose your peak time during which you have the highest concentration power. 


Take proper breaks between each study session, this is because you cannot just sit at a stretch of 4 hours and mug up all the stuff. But make sure you utilize these breaks also. Take a walk, listen to your favourite playlist to loosen up the stress a little. During that time you can make sure that your books and study table are organized because studying in a clean environment can help you focus more. Go through the already learned concepts during the break. Try to make a schedule in such a way that you are giving proper timings to all the subjects and also give importance to breaks in between the sessions. 

Healthy food

During the study time, healthy food should be consumed. Try not to eat food that can make you feel sleepy as then you will lose concentration. During luck time, don’t take heavy food try to keep it light. You can also go with small snacks in between the study session so that you can be energized. By the way, if during your study session you feel sleepy or think you are losing concentration, try some exercises so that your blood circulation will increase and you will feel energized again. 


Doing some physical exercise will help you divert your mind and be more energized. It will help you concentrate for a longer span and if you are feeling sleeping doing this will energize you. This can be included with meditation. 


Biology is all about learning as much as you can. This is because you have remembered the right option at the very first glance. It can be only achieved if you have read the NCERT line by line so that you have all the concepts clear. Try going through your mindmaps as many times as possible. Making all these things in a creative way will help you remember stuff in a better way. The points that you will highlight will pop in your bran when needed. 

Proper sleep

You don’t have to sacrifice your proper sleep when the exam is just around the corner. Make sure you have a healthy sleep it will help your brain to revive and next time you sit for studying it will help you remember stuff in a better way. It will also lighten your mood so that you don’t wake up all grumpy. Proper sleep also has an impact on improving memory, will eventually help you in learning things in a better way. 


With the help of this article, you must have got some insight on this topic and ways in which you can improve your results. Getting 300 plus in the biology section is comparatively easy and will help you improve your rank and you might end up in a good government college. Apart from this, you must not forget to devote the required time to other subjects as they can flip the game for a few. Making well-labelled diagrams and notes will help you grasp the concept in a much better way. All these things are scientifically proven for the better improvement of the results, hope it will help you in gaining good results. 


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